Oval: HmmMature

The sun rises silently and I watch as it kisses the mountains with it soft glow. I sigh and feel the air brush my cheeks, it's cool touch a reminder of Lucien. He's gone out.

His father had asked him to go find the human boy for Caroline...... I hope he stays safe. I get up and wander into the room.

Then Caroline comes struting in carrying a dress. "I brought you some clothes" she says placing the dress on the bed. It's a silvery blue and sort of flows out from the top wear its tight around the shoulders.

"Thank you" I mutter, passing a hand along the fabric. From the look of it, it will stop just above the knee.

"It's no biggy" she says casually. "I'm just helping you since Lucien has gone to find my psychic partner.... hmmm, I hope he's hot"

I smile at her then change into the dress. It shows my shoulder and like I thought doesn't cling to the body but flows out loose and stops just above the knees.

"That will get my brothers eye turning" Caroline says smiling like a mischievous cat.

I blush and look away as she walks out with my dirty clothes.

I walk back to the balcony and the wind picks the edge of my skirt. I control it not to blow to much but still let me feel it's cool touch.

"Come back soon, Lucien" I whisper.

The End

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