Akuji: Am I dreaming?Mature

I wake up suddenly.

I am lying on a sofa type thing, which is weird because the last thing I remember is blacking out in the forest. Then I look across the room and see the guy from earlier. Memory returns and I realise I should be dead, but I'm not. He sees me look and comes over.

"Am I dreaming?" is the first thing I say.

"I hope not," he replies, sitting on the other end of the sofa.

"Where am I?" I say, what else am I supposed to say? He opens his mouth to answer when a girl appears at the door. He turns and glares at her.

"Go away, Caroline," he growls. I jump, because his voice sounds exactly the same as the sadistic vampire from the forest.

"No. Everyone else has got someone, why am I always left out?" she says in an annoyed tone. She turns and walks away haughtily. What did I ever do to her? Everything's gone weird since I became a vampire though.

The End

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