India: FamilyMature

'What's wrong?'  Dominic was changing colour so fast I couldn't tell what moods he was feeling.


'Don't lie to me Dominic.  I can see there is something wrong your mood is all over the place.'

'It's probably nothing.'

'Then you should share it with me.'

'Well... earlier you called me Leo.  That's your...your boyfriends name isn't it.'  I could see the pain in his eyes.  'You're thinking of h im aren't you.'  I took is face in my hands and made him look at me.

'No.  I don't know how to explain it but The Change...I don't love Leo like I did before.  All I think of now is you.  I promise.'  We were so close our foreheads were touching.  I focused hard on making Dominic's aura a happy orange colour and slowly the colour changed.  If it was because of me I don't know but he did seem more at ease.

'Sorry for being so jealous.  I just want you just for me.'

'It's OK.  I think I like it.'  We started laughing but were interupted by two people coming into the room.  Dominic immediately turned to greet the guy.

'Jake!'  He took my hand and led me over to them.  'Let me introduce my soulmate.  This is India.  India this is my brother Jake.'

'Hi.'  I quickly gave him a peck on both cheeks.  'Lovely to meet you.'

'And you.  This is Penny.'  She was stunning.  Her face was covered by messy brown hair but her eyes shone out.

'Hello.'  She gave me such a tight hug I thought I wasn't going to be able to breathe.  'I guess we're sisters.  Our partners being brothers and all.'

'Yeah I guess it does.'  It was a novelty for me having a family.  My dad had left before I could remember and my mum wasn't around much either and I had no siblings so I liked the idea of having a big group of brothers and sisters.  This strange house was starting to feel a bit more like home.

The End

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