Ray : Of Hearts and LoveMature

Dragging Roman away from Lucien, I take him to an empty room.

"Lucy said you were in pain." I say, as if confronting him.

"Oh, you've met her. About that.....it's nothing really."

"You tell me, or she kills me." 

"I think I prefer the second option."


"All right, all right." Roman sighs, then continues, "I asked Lucien about that legend, you know when your heart beats if you are with your love?" I nod furiously, indicating for him to continue.

"I think my heart's sort of alive again." He says, "I could feel it, it felt amazing, Ray. It doesn't pump blood or anything, it's just there. There for the Love." He smiles. I smile back uncomfortably, I might never get to know how that feels.

"How's Maple?" Roman asks, concerned.

"She.....she's doing great."

The End

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