Ray : Forgive meMature

I quickly run after Maple, listening for her footsteps. A few times I make wrong turns, but I immediately hear her afterwards. Turning a corner, I hear a scream, then I see her standing behind a girl with white hair. Roman's partner, I think, Lucy.

"Don't let him near me!" I hear her moan. Does she really hate me that much? How can I let her understand? She hides from me behind Lucy, and I see Lucy look at me sympathetically.

"I'm going to take maple into Roman's room to talk to her for a while ok?" Lucy tells me, I nod back. Maple would listen to her. 

"Ok, please make her understand, I had no choice." I reply, smiling weakly.

"What's you name?"


"Well Ray, I'm a little worried about Roman, see I had a dream and I don't know if it was a vision but I think he's in pain. Could you find him for me?" Lucy looks worried and a little confused.

"Roman's hurt? I'll find him. Just look after Maple for me." And make sure she forgives me. Please. I need her. Then I turn away and look for Roman.

The End

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