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'Let me show you around.  You haven't seen much of the house have you.'  I bounced out the door dragging her after me giggling.  'OK then where do I start?  This is my room.  Our room.'  I smiled.  'Along this corridor are my brothers bedrooms.  Roman, Lucien, Jake, Blade and Ray.  They have partners too but I don't know them too well.  Best for you to get to know them yourself.'

We ran down the corridor, dodging Lucien and Roman who happened to be hanging around.

'Watch where you're going!'  He didn't sound angry.  We both knew I would never have run into him, our reflexes are too sharp.

'This is Caroline's room.  A no-go area unless you're invited.'  Down the stairs.  'Dad's office.  Again no entry unless you're asked.'  I then took her into my favourite room.  It doesn't really have a name just 'The Room'. 

It's massive but India's attention was drawn straight to the small piano we had tucked in the corner.  She caressed its surface lovingly.  'You like music?'

'Yes I love it.  I can play a bit.'

'Show me.'  I pulled the piano stool out for her and sat eagerly for her to start.

'Do you know how intimidating you look?'

'Sorry I'll try to look more friendly.'  I loved her smile.  Like the sun had just come out.  When she started to play I was lost.  I had never heard anything so beautiful.  I didn't want it to end.

'You are tuely amazing.'  She hid behind her waves of hair.  'No really.  Just so amazing.'  I kissed her.  I had never been this happy.  But there was still that little part of my mind that hadn't forgotten when she had called me Leo.  Was it just a slip of the tounge or something more?

The End

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