Maple : A little talkMature

I am lead into a room that has a golden plate on the door saying "Roman" by Lucy. It is basically like Ray's room but a different layout. I sigh, I nearly escaped. Didn't quite work though. Lucy closes the door behind her and sits down on a sofa gesturing for me to sit next to her.

"Maple," I look at her, "You're a vampire." I sniff and feel those sharp teeth I have now. I nod unwillingly. My body is still because my blood has frozen. My heart will never beat again. I will never age, not so sure whether that is bad or good. I will never sleep again, and feel the nice feeling you get when you just let go of everything and wake up the next day feeling fresh.

"Ray didn't get a choice. Don't blame him for changing you. It's not his fault. You will have to start spending all your time with him, you are meant to. Me and Roman are getting along just fine. Please try to get used to it, okay? He is really sorry, I can tell." I smile awkwardly, but it doesn't reach my eyes like it normally does and I nod.

The End

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