Lucy: Ouch!Mature

I wake up and Roman is gone.  I didn't think vampires had to sleep, I mustn't be a full vampire yet. I yawn and stretch before walking to the door and out into the hallway. I had to find Roman. I had dreamt he was in pain.

Suddenly a girl runs into me and the two of us fall over in a heap on the ground. I sit up slightly dazed and look at her. No way. "Maple?" she looks up at me and recognition dawns in her eyes. "You go to my school!" she cries "You're Lucy Freeman, my brother is in your year." I nod and gulp. I'm not good with this friends thing. Damn I'm going to choke on my words again...

"I eh... sort of ran away sort of got kidnapped." I mumble. She looks at me funny "Me too. Some weird vampire guy. He says I'm a vampire now."

I nod and point to her teeth. She puts one hand up and shrieks. "Oh my god he wasn't lying!" Then she ducks behind me as he walks around the corner "Don't let him near me." she whimpers and I stand up and pull her to her feet. She still hides behind me, and he looks so upset that my dead heart goes out to him.

"I'm going to take maple into Roman's room to talk to her for a while ok?" I wink at him and he nods. "Ok, please make her understand, I had no choice."

I put my arm around Maple's shoulders and lead her into the room. Before I close the door I look at the vampire and ask him his name. "Ray." He says simply.

"Well Ray, I'm a little worried about Roman, see I had a dream and I don't know if it was a vision but I think he's in pain. Could you find him for me?" I twirl my hair nervously around my fingertips as I ask him. I really am worried about Roman.

"Roman's hurt?" he looks really worried suddenly and nods at me. "I'll find him. Just look after Maple for me."

The End

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