Blade: IdiotMature

"Let go of her," I say. The vampire spins round, pressing the knife ever harder into her neck.

"I said, let go. Don't be an idiot," I say again.

"Oh, I wouldn't call me an idiot. It's you who's the idiot, coming out here with no help," sneers the man, whom I can identify as Donovan, part of our enemies. The girl just stares at me with pleading yellow green eyes. Something about those eyes makes me snap. I throw myself at him, he drops the girl. The fight doesn't last long, that's something I've always been good at. I don't manage to kill him, but he runs off, leaving me alone with the girl. I bend over her, seeing the blood seep from the cut. Not a full vampire. Idiotic vampire.

"What's your name?" I ask her. She only manages to speak in the smallest whisper, but I catch the words.

"Akuji," she says, then blacks out. I can't leave her like this. I bend over to finish the job- I can't exactly give her the choice- and then run back to the house.

The End

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