India: NewMature

I walked over to the massive window across from the door.  Everything felt so different.  So clear.  I closed my eyes and took a deep breath.  I could smell all the people in the house.  The only one I recognised was Donimic.  Sort of musky, like the books that filled his room.  There were so many of them.  I couldn't even read the titles of them all before he came back.

The door opened behind me and Dom put his arms around me and his head in my hair.

'Hey gorgeous.  How are you feeling?'

'Different.'  There was something different about the way I saw Dominic.  It was like the way I saw Leo but ten times more intense.  The feel of his arms around me and his head on my shoulder.  I wanted to feel every part of his body touching mine.  Why didn't I feel this way before?

'I want you to meet my dad'

'What!  Now!?'

'No he's busy now but I really want you two to get on.  You're part of the family now.'

'OK.'  It's a little daunting being called a part of the family.

'I love you India.'  He whispered.

The End

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