Roman: Brother, what is this?Mature

I get back to my room to find that Lucy is gone and I panic a bit before I sit down on the bed and calm myself. She couldn't have gone far.

Then the door opens and she steps through it quickly, closing it behind her just as fast and leaning against it.

"Where were you?!" I demand, jumping to my feet and walking over to her. My hands tangle in her hair and she melts against me, her small body is shaking. "Lucien's room, I met Oval." she whimpers into my tshirt. "I don't think she likes me." she wails. "I talk to much and I've never had proper friends so I think I messed up when I was babbling on and..."

I cut her off by pressing a finger to her lips. "Shhh my love, give her time. She is being a struggle for Lucien to change and he is not only blood bonded to her but he's soul bonded to her too. He doesn't want her to die."

Lucy opens her eyes wide as she looks up at me and I gently wipe away her tears. "You're beautiful Luce." I whisper before kissing her gently. Her arms wrap around my neck and she pulls me in closer. Something stirs in me and I realise it's my dead heart. I wonder if the old legend is true? When a vampire learns to love his heart can live again. Obviously he can't go back to being human, but his heart beats when he's around the one will truly love for all eternity. I had to ask Lucien, he would know.

I kiss Lucy again with more passion, biting her lip gently and tangling my hands in her hair. Her fingers twist into mine and tighten, but the pain feels good, it brings something in me to life. Then I stop. It's too soon. I can't risk hurting her.

I lift her into my arms and she clings to me like a small child. Carrying her out onto the balcony, I sit her on the railings and point out towards the entire forest. "There are creatures you cannot imagine that lurk in this place." I tell her "Kathy Howard wasn't killed by a human." She shivers but smiles and looks up at me with her sky blue eyes. "But you'll protect me won't you Roman?"

Then she leans into me and rests her head against my chest. I carry her back inside and lie her on the bed. The change is still present in her because she drifts off into a sleep I am jealous of. Full vampires can't sleep.

"No please." after a while she begins to toss and turn in a nightmare "Please don't do this." she sobs. I wrap my arms around her and murmur into her hair "Shh Luce it's ok, you're safe, you're with me." Her fingers tangle in my cloak and she stops shaking. "Roman" she murmurs and I smile. "I love you." I'm shocked. She said it in her sleep. She's not even awake! She...

Then fire explodes in my chest and I bite my lip to keep from crying out. Letting go of Lucy I slip out of the bed and stumble out the door and up to Lucien's room. Pushing open the door I groan and nearly fall. Lucien jumps to his feet and the girl on the bed looks terrified. Just before I fall over Lucien catches me. "Roman what is it? What's wrong?" he looks really worried "I'll go and get dad."

"No!" I choke out. "Lucien I don't understand. It's Lucy. She done something. Love for eternity. The vampire heart." Then the pain changes to a sense of peacefulness and I know that Lucien can hear exactly what I can feel. My heart, still for over a hundred years, gives three tiny beats and then stops again. Then it gets too much for me and the world dims.

Oh great, very macho, passing out on your brother's bedroom floor.

The End

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