Lucy: A Friend?Mature

I decide not to stay under the covers and instead to go and explore a bit. I sneak out of Roman's room and pull the door quietly closed behind me. Then I wander up the hallway for a bit and suddenly I see another door that's slightly open. I push it open more and creep in. It's another bedroom and I take a few steps forward and realise that there's a girl standing out on the balcony. She's really beautiful. Her hair is really black and it's almost as long as mine and as she turns to me I could almost swear that her eyes flashed silver before turning back to their smoky grey colour.

I feel shy now. "Hiya" I twiddle my thumbs a bit as I suddenly get shy. I wasn't used to new people. They generally shunned me for who my stepfather was so I didn't have many friends. In fact I had no friends except for Trish. I had been surprised at the birthday cards I'd gotten from all my cousins but I knew they didn't really like me either so I don't know why they bothered.

"My name's Lucy" I step all the way into the room and close the door behind me. I think she saw my teeth because she looked a bit frightened for a second before she replied in a whisper "Mine's Oval.... you've already become a vampire".

I smile and nod "It's better than being abused by your stepdad" then I feel uncomfortable. Why did I say that? She must think I'm a crazy person now and she'll hate me. Oh god why am I so insecure?!

She stares hard at the floor and suddenly flames burst out of nowhere. She screams and holds her hands out towards it and suddenly water appears and puts it out. I'm amazed and I just stand and stare at the floor before I look up at her. "Your powers are cool." I whisper in awe.

She grins then "Yeah I suppose they are. Lucien thinks so too! I'm only learning how to use them now. Lucien says..." she trailed off and looked embarrassed for some reason.

I tried to re-start the conversation really quickly, "So...Lucien is supposed to be your vampire bond? He's the oldest right? Roman is mine, he's amazing, he's a bit of a messer, kind of like me. I saw him capture me before it actually happened, apparently I'm a dreamwalker or something you see, not sure, oh and I can see the future in dreams. It's kind of crazy..." I realize that I'm babbling and I stop and blush. "I'm sorry, I was never good with new people. Nobody wanted their kids around my house because of who my dad is so I never really had friends. I'll just eh...go..."

I turn and run out the door.

Just as I get to Roman's room I see a tall vampire with dark hair and golden eyes striding up the stairs. He frightens me even more and I fly into Roman's room and shut the door.

The End

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