Oval: Kissing a VampireMature

Okay, so if someone had told me that kissing a vampire was exactly like in all those books. I would have gone looking for one years ago..... although until recently I didn't know they existed.

Lucien kisses me passionately then rolls over so his hovering over me, his hands either side of my head. I stare up at him gasping for breath and see his eyes are bruning wildly.

He leans down to kiss me again and I meet him more than half way. I find my hand gripping his top and I move my hands up along his neck feeling the cool soft touch of his skin.

He pulls back. "We shouldn't be doing this?" he whispers his lips brushing mine.

"Why not?" He's clearly wanting to kiss me as well so why is he holding back.

"You could get hurt" he whisper looking at me directly in the eyes. "I can't see you hurt"

"I won't be hurt" I say placing a hand on his cheek.

"Yes you will" he says sitting up. I moan and sit up myself. "I can't think about keeping my stregth restrained when I'm kissing you. I could easily snap one of your bones"

He looks at me sadness in his eyes. I put a hand on his cheek.

"Please don't worry" I whisper then I hug him around the waist his arms automatically wrapping around me.

"I love you" Its only when I say the words do I realise there true.

The End

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