Lucien: TimeMature

Me and my brothers and sister gather before our father. Me and my bothers kneel while Caroline curtsies.

"Stand" our father commands we all stand straight and I see Ray fisgeting silently. He can never really sit still.

"Well, my children. How is proggress?" he asks.

"Lucy's changed" Roman says going over to lean against a wall.

"India's just changed" Dominic says.

"Oval's still human" I mutter.

"And why is that?" my father asks clearly straining to keep his voice calm.

"Well, I don't fancy getting myself set on fire" I say smiling.

"What are you on about Lucien?" Caroline demands.

"She controls the elements and like I said burning would be a bad way to go" I say shrugging.

"Facinating" my father gasps. "But she must be changed soon Lucien"

I nod. "Of course fathe, may I leave" I ask.

"Of course your report is finished" I turn on my heels and walk out of the door and head for my room. I find the girl Lucy coming out at returning to Roman's room. She seems me and looks slightly scared.

I smile and nod at her before going back into my room.

Oval waits silently on the bed her legs crossed. She begins to get up when she sees me but I walk over to her and lay down on the bed closing my eyes.

"What was it your father wanted?" she asks.

"Just a report on how things are going" I mutter.

"I'm gonna have to change arent I?" I open my eyes and look up at her.

Her eyes are a calm gray and are wondering. I sigh and sit up pulling her to my chest.

"Yes" I whisper. "Because I'm not going to let you die"

"Well, thats good cause I don't want to die either but...."

"You don't want to become a vampire" I mutter looking down into her eyes.

"No, I don't..... Not at the moment at least..... I do understand I have to become one but...... I still have a few things I need to do human"

I nod and kiss the top of her head. "My farthers limit is two weeks" I whisper.

"Okay" she mutters turning her head up towards me. I kiss her softly and she wraps her arms up around my neck. I fall back but she still continue to kiss me. My hands tighten on her waist. God, this is pure heavan.

The End

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