Dominic: United..sort ofMature

'Because I'm perfectly happy.'  I smiled and she smiled back.  I kissed her.  I don't know why I was shocked when she started kissing me back.  I didn't think she would forget about her boyfriend quite that quickly.

She pulled me onto my bed and lay down beside me.  My hands went around her waist and pulled her close to me.  We kissed again and my hands caressed her silky hair.  I was so lost in the moment I didn't hear someone open my door.

'Jeez you people area all the same!'  Caroline was looking fed up.  'If you can drag yourself away for a second Dad wants you downstairs.'

'I've got to go but I'll be back in a second.'  I gave her one last long lingering kiss and headed out the door.  'What's this all about Caroline?'

'Don't ask me.  All I know is that Dad wants to see you.'

I had never felt so happy in all my years than I did in that moment.  I was in love.  My stomach had butterflies and my heart was pounding.  If I had a heart it would be pounding but it was that same sensation.  I didn't even know a vampire's body could feel this way.

I walked into Dad's office where Lucien and Roman were already waiting but there was no sign of Dad.

'You been summoned too.'

'Yeah.  Do either of you know what this is about?'

'Not a clue.'  Well at least I wasn't the only one in the dark.

The End

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