Oval: FlameMature

When the girl first comes in Lucien ignore her resting his chin lightly on my head.

"Lucien?" she asks confused.

"Go away" he mutters under his breath but I know the girl can hear it, she's Lucien's sister. That's Caroline.

"LUCIEN!!!" she shouts angry. "DAD WANTS TO SPEAK TO YOU!!!!" Then with that loud comments she turns on her heels and marches out the room.

Lucien groans and gets up. "Do you have to go?" I ask feeling slightly vunerable.

"Yes, I'll only be a few minutes" he says. Then he tilts up my chin and kisses me softly.

"Eww, get a room" a voice calls room the door.

"This is my room" Lucien hisses turning to face the boy at the door.

"Better hurry up or dad will be angry" the boys says teasing.

"Shut up, Roman" Lucien says marching up to the door and out closing it lightly behind him.

I sigh and get up walking over to the balcony. I hear the door creak open and a girl head comes through the door. She looks around and when her eyes meet mine she smiles.

"Hiya" she says slightly shy.

"Hi" I say back pushing a strand piece of hair back from my face then wrapping my arms tightly around myself.

"My names Lucy" she says stepping into the room and closing the door behind her. It's then I see her teeth.

"Mine's Oval.... you've already become a vampire" I whisper. She nods then smiles.

"It's better than being abused by your stepdad" she says. I tighten in on myself and stare hard at the floor. It sets alite.

"Ahh" I scream creating water to put it out. We both stare shocked at the spot on the floor then Lucy looks up at me.

"Your powers are cool" she whispers.

The End

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