Lucy: So I'm a vampire nowMature

I decide halfway through his story to become. I have no life back in Merriwood anyway, and something in my heart tells me it's the right thing to do.

I let The Change in my blood take over and ignore the pain. For some reason it only last seconds and I feel my heart slowly stop beating. He hasn't noticed yet and then when he finished his story I open my mouth to show his my teeth. "I chose halfway through your story." I tell him, opening my eyes "I'm going to hold you to that promise." and then he kisses me and it's like, wow.

He pulls me to him and cuddles me close. "I'll never let you go" he whispers and I feel strange. Someone loves me. It's a feeling I haven't felt since my dad died 12 years ago. Being loved. I snuggle into him and smile as I think of how he calls me Luce. A pet name before I even..and then a pause and realise. I don't even know his name and I'm going to spend eternity with him!

Suddenly a girl bursts through the door. "Roman! Dad wants you." she looks at me strangely and then leaves as quickly as she came. So that was his name. Roman.

I look up at him as he sighs and lets go of me. "I thought you weren't going to ever let me go?" I tease. He stands up and then kisses me again. "I'll be right back" he promises before disappearing out the door. When did I get so lucky to bag a guy like him? He's amazing. I think about what he saw and blush. My stepfather is in the past now. He can't hurt me ever again.

I absent mindedly pull a leaf out of my hair and start to play with it. I wish Roman would hurry back. Then I hear the girl's voice calling again. "LUCIEN!!!" she sounds angry. "DAD WANTS TO SPEAK TO YOU." Lucien must be one of Roman's brothers. And the girl must be his sister, I better not get on the wrong side of her, she seems moody. I gulp and dive under Roman's bedcovers. I'm not moving until he comes back.

The End

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