Lolo: Talking animalsMature


Lolo was a guy.  He was short had blond hair and wore black rimmed reading glasses. He was 16 years old, slightly chubby and loved the city. The hussle, the bussle of people going to and fro. 

Then his parents had decided to take an impromptu "love" vacation out to a cabin in the middle of nowhere. So now whilst his parents were making passionate love (he shuddered, the thought of it making him want to vomit) in the cabin, he was stuck out here exploring the woods. His excuse had been to gather firewood, even though he had already found a large ready supply right behind the cabin. God how he hated his parents, from the girlish name, to the places they dragged him.

Walking along, he scuffed in disgust at the quiet. Suddenly he saw a squirel. Crouching down, he extended one hand in fascination and said " Hey there little buddy."

The squirrel stared at him as if he understood him, then suddenly blurted out herself in a high pitched voice, "Hey there, loser".

Lolo screamed and turned around to start running, smacking himself headfirst into a large tree. 

As he started falling the world turned black around him. 

The End

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