Roman: Let me tell you a storyMature


I carry her through to the mansion and Caroline meets me at the door. “Oh I see you brought a new toy, can I play with her?” Caroline is obviously bored. “No” I growl “Mine.” then I storm up the stairs with Lucy in my arms and lie her down on my bed.

Her eyelids flutter but she doesn’t open them. I smile, I know she’s awake. “Let me tell you a story.” I begin and I notice her breathing get quicker. Good, she’s listening.

“There was once a little boy who grew up to be a vampire but he was very lonely. Then one night he was walking through a sleeping town when he got to a house on the corner of an estate called Merriwood Grove.” her body twitched and I continued

“So when he got to this house he felt fear and anger coming from it and he was intrigued, so he crept up to the window and looked in and what did he see? Well he saw a young girl, roughly about 17 he guessed, and there was a man holding her by the arm and punching her in the stomach and legs. She was crying but they were silent tears and the boy was amazed at how someone could go through so much pain without making a sound. He was angry at the man but it was against his family’s rules to interfere with the lives of humans unless they were destined to die.

So he left the house, but he returned night after night and watched the girl being put through torture that almost made his heart break, except of course, his heart had ceased to beat a good hundred odd years ago. He wants to change her to a vampire and take her away from all the pain so she never hurts again. Vampires have a blood bond with those they change you see, and if she ever hurt he’d know about it and stop it. For nearly a year that’s all he wanted, but there were rules he had to live by.

Anyway. He finally decided to do something about it and to hell with rules, when his father calls him and his brothers to the study and tells them all about 6 different girls. Each one unique in her own special way. Guess what? His girl is one of them. So he’s overjoyed that he can save her and not break any rules. But then he starts to think, is he really saving her by condemning her to a life of immortality? So when she dreams of her future he is there, and he shows her what will happen.

She has the choice to run or stay, and strangely she stays and while she stares into the boys eyes, he doesn’t feel so lonely anymore. But now she has another choice. Does she become, or does she die? Because she cannot be allowed to live in case she is captured by the dark ones. They will use her power for evil and torture her until she agrees to join them. It’s not much of a choice really. Become, or die. The boy hopes she chooses to become, because he’s already very VERY attached to her.”

I bend over her and whisper in her ear. “So what will it be Luce? If you choose death I promise to make it as painless as possible. Even though it will be like dying all over again for me, I’ll do it myself, I can’t bear to let anyone else touch you. And if you become, I promise, I won‘t let you get hurt.”

Her reply is to open her mouth slightly and show me pointed fangs. “I chose halfway through your story.” She opens her eyes and looks straight at me. “I’m going to hold you to that promise.” and then I kiss her. I’ve waited about 130 years to be kissed like this.

I pull away and scoop her up in my arms, sitting down on the bed I cuddle her to me. She was mine, I‘d waited so long for her. My soul mate, my Luce. “I’ll never let you go.” I whisper in her ear.

She is definitely not what I expected.

The End

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