Lucien: SleepMature

I lay silently next to Oval. She feel asleep ages ago and all my five brothers seem to be returning.

I bet Caroline's still angry. I smile.

Oval shifts in her sleep and I look down at her and shes moves closer to my body. Then she mumbles my name and I can feel my dead heart lurch in my chest.

I wrap an arm round her shoulder and feel the warmth of her body against the bare skin.

So warm. I feel her blood pumping through her vains and begin to pass my lips over her neck feeling the soft beat. I don't even notice when she wakes up.

"Go ahead" she murmurs. I pull back and look at her. Her eyes sees calm but I can't help but wonder if thats a trick, hiding her real fear.

"Go ahead" she says again pushing her back hair away from her neck.

I look her straight in the eyes before leaning down and sinking my teeth in. She gasps and her arms wrap around me gripping the back of my t-shirt.

I drink slowly so it won't hurt her and stop when I reach warning point. I pull back and look in her eyes, they glow silver but not from danger or use of powers but just shining.

She rests her head lightly against my chest and I sigh as I wrap my arms around her.

If I knew this what love was like I would have started trying 250 years ago, when I just became a vampire........ but no.

It wouldn't have been right without Oval. Her hair smelled of nature and her eyes showed wisdom that a girl her age shouldn't have. Her body was small but strong and not at all weak. She had emotions like most but they shone with radiance.

When she falls to sleep I enter her mind..... its what normal vampires can do. See what others are thinking. Even manipulate it if the being is weaker than you.

She dreams of a beach, with a ocean that shines like crystals and she just sits there staring out at it her black hair flowing and shining in the wind and her eyes, that are at the moment a bright silver, are trained on the horizon.

"It's beautiful" she whispers turning to look at me. She smiles. "Slightly rude to enter one's head without permission"

"I'll go if you want" I say gesturing back over my shoulder and beggining to turn.

"No, you don't sleep so I don't mind sharing my dreams" she whispers patting the sand next to her. I force my dream body to sit and she leans against me.

The End

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