Roman: She's not what I expected....Mature


Ok so maybe I didn't know what to expect her to do, freak out and scream and hit me maybe? I didn't expect her to just give up and stare sadly into my eyes while I immortalized her forever.

Yes I know, I wasn't supposed to do it straight away, my clan believes in giving people a choice. Become or die. Yeah I know, not much of a choice huh? I became an immortal at 19 just like Lucien. I took the oath and kissed ageing goodbye forever.

I'm the second youngest of the six brothers, (even though we're all immortally around the same age some of us became younger then others) and possibly the most headstrong. I kinda rush into things, just like I did with Lucy. But I've seen her. I've seen her in my dreams just like I know she sees me in hers. You see she, as a human, has the gift that all vampires normally only gain when they become. She's a dreamwalker, she can influence people's dreams. But she can also dream the future, that's what's so amazing about her. When father said we had to get the 6 human born psychics that would be the saviour or the downfall of the vampires I knew I had to have her. I fought the others for her, well, all except Lucien. He chose before us all, he was father's pet. Well... they're all 'father's pet'. Cept me...I sometimes wonder if I'm just a thorn in his side. Oh well!

Now she was lying unconscious on the forest floor and I couldn't understand why she hadn't changed yet. Her body showed no signs of ceasing it's heartbeat and breathing functions and yet I had pumped her veins so full of The Change that there was no way it couldn't have worked. Then I thought back to my old tutor Silias and I remembered that there were a few humans who had the choice. They could choose to turn or not and no vampire could change them. Lucy must be one of them. I thought of the memories I had seen when I drank from her and I gulped down anger. I might just go and kill that man if I ever get the chance...

I run a hand through my hair and sighed, at least I hadn't broken any rules! She groans and I realise she's awake and crouch down beside her. "How do you feel?" I'm surprised at how I actually feel concerned about it. I was known as Roman, the emotionless. "Like crap, not that you care" oh she's angry at me. I had just chewed on her neck and instead of being scared of me she's actually angry with me!

"I care very much Luce, you're going to become very important to my people." I try to help her sit up but she pushes my hands away and for some reason I feel a weight in my stomach.

We talk for a few more minutes and then I tell her she's a psychic. She looks shocked. "I'm a what?"

I drag her to her feet but she's still unsteady so I gently pick her up and she doesn't try to resist. She's so light it's almost frightening. Her arms go around my neck and I pull my cloak around both of us. I hope she chooses to become. She already feels right and I know it sounds mushy but... she fits against me as I cuddle her against my body.

"I'll do better then everyone else" I whisper into her hair. I think she's slipped unconscious again. Well, her blood was sweet!

The End

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