Maple : Waking upMature

My eyes flutter open slowly, and I take in a deep breath. I am lying on a hard floor but tucked into a puffy sleeping bag. Yawning, I sit up, my limbs aching, and I feel a burning wound in my neck. There is a large table, but I am so low down I can't see what's on it. On one of the walls is a mirror. I suspect someone is on the other side watching. Suddenly, the door flies open, and the boy I saw earlier runs in, shutting the door after him. Correction, vampire. He's a vampire. I flinch away from him.

"Who are you?" I whimper, my hoarse voice not allowing me to get any louder than this. "Where am I? What am I doing here?" He walks over and hands me a cup of water from the table. I realise how thirsty I am, and pour the cup down my throat, soothing the pain in my neck, but only for a few seconds. The vampire walks towards me, his hands out indicating he didn't want to hurt me. Nevertheless, I try to stand up and back away from him. Failing miserably, I collapse as soon as I put any weight on my legs. He rushes over, and make me sit down again.

"Don't move," his soft voice orders. "You're still weak, get some rest." I look into his eyes, so dark that my reflection couldn't be seen in them.

"I can't, I need to leave." I get up and stumble against the wall, using it to support me. "My little sister will be wondering where I am."

"Don't worry about her," I feel a hand upon my shoulder. I shake it off and stagger towards the door. Then the wound in my neck tears open. I scream, the pain runs down my body. The vampire runs over and lift me off my feet easily, shushing me softly. His face is full of pain as well, as if he had the wound too.

"It hurts so bloody much," I sob to no one in particular. He runs a hand down my hair.

"I know," he mutters, "I'm sorry."

The End

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