Lucy: I'm a what?Mature

I wake up curled up on the forest floor and I wonder if I dreamt the whole thing. Then I move my head slightly and the pain shoots through my neck. "Owww." I moan. There's a sudden movement near me and it's him, he's on his knees beside me, lifting me up. "How do you feel?" his voice is like velvet and I open my eyes and look at him. "Like crap." I say angrily but weakly. "Not that you care."

"Oh I care very much Luce. You're going to become very important to my people." he sounds sincere but I can't help but remember how he sank his teeth into my neck so unmercifully god knows how long ago.

"How long have I been out?" I ask tiredly. "Long enough" was the reply "And now I'll take you to the others so you can fulfil your destiny the way WE want you to." I close my eyes and lie back. Others? So he was attacking more people randomly in a forest. What a psycho. Trust me to turn 18 and the next day get attacked by a raving lunatic. I always knew I'd never make it a full day past my 18th. I decide to ask. "What do you mean by 'The Others'?" He simply laughs. "There are others like you." he says quietly "They're just not as quick to show signs as you were." I'm confused. Signs of what exactly? "What the hell are you talking about?" I groan as more pain ripples through my body.

"You're a psychic." he says simply. "A dream psychic to be precise. I don't know what exactly the others can do but you can see the future in your dreams. Didn't you foresee me?" he grins.

I still can't get past what he first said and I struggle to sit up and stare at him.

"I'm a what?"

The End

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