Penny: A JokerMature

I always came through the forest on my way to school. Ugh! School, what a waste of time that is.  But recently, I keep on getting the feeling like someone's watching me. Probably just me being paranoid.

 I pulled my long brown hair up into a ponytail as a entered my little entrance into the forest. I like the forest because it was quite. My own little tranquillity from noisy reality.  I came to the usual mound of mud on my route. I took off my backpack and threw it up first, like I always did. Grabbed the vines form the tree's that trailed down and started climbing. I got my converse muddy but I really didn't care. I wasn't one of these girls that squealed at getting muddy or stuck into things. I was a converse girl too, none of this clip clopping around in heels. I smiled to myself at the thought.  I ran down the other side into the clearing, grabbed my backpack and started walking again.

  After about fifteen minuets I was in the middle. This was just about where Kathy Howard was murdered. I knew her from school, she was in the year above me, I think she was about eighteen and in sixth form. People were upset when they found out she got murdered she was popular. It was in the news too and in the newspapers. ‘She was such a nice girl. A real member of the community.' That's what people said about her. Why is it that when somebody dies they say all these nice things about them. I mean you don't exactly here any interviews from family or friends saying ‘She was a right tearaway. Always causing trouble.' 

  My thoughts on the subject was interrupted by screams. I stopped and tried to figure out where it was coming from. I started to run towards the gut wrenching noise, picking up the pace through the trees. Still running I grabbed my backpack and tried to undo the zip. I always kept a multi-function pocket knife in there, you never know what you'll bump into.  I couldn't open it so I gave up, throwing the backpack straight onto my back again.

  That's when I bumped into something hard. I stumbled back but something grabbed my wrist and held me up. I didn't bump into a tree then. I looked into the other hand and saw a siringe.

"No thanks. I'm good, I don't want a ticket onto the drugs train." I looked up and tried to pull my hand away.

"You're a joker then? I picked well. I like a girl with a sense of humour." He smiled at me.

"Well excuse me, I don't exactly see my competition. Were not exactly in the set of a speed dating programme either." still trying to tug my hand away.

"Your very observant. I'm sorry to do this Penny."

"Wow you don't get dates much then, if you have to sedate them. Or whatever that crap is in there. I think I‘ll pass" I kicked him in the shin. That made him let go pretty quick, I wasn't going to hang around.

"You can't run Penny!" he called a little too near me for my liking. I thought I ran quicker then that. He pulled me to the growned.

"Again, this isn't my fault." I looked into his hazel eyes. "I'm sorry." He injected me and I lost all sence of reality, becoming numb and unconcious. I still stared into his eyes, making sure he thought I wasn't scared. Even though I was terrified inside. It's not like everyday you get sedated by some freak in the forest is it?!

The End

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