Akuji: Oh noMature

"Oh look, the newblood's awake."

I don't say anything, partly from shock, partly hate. I don't want to be like this, not when the only option is... no, I don't even want to think that.

"Well, if you're not bothered, lets put you in here shall we?" says the hard faced vampire. He shoves me roughly into a shed and locks the door. I close my eyes.

Suddenly I hear the sound of footsteps approaching, and someone smashing the padlock on the door. They sit down against the wall. I hear footsteps again, and the sound of a new padlock being put on. Then the vampire- I'm guessing he's a vampire- leaves. The girl rattles the door in vain, it doesn't move.

"Please, get out as fast as you can," I say. She turns to me and stares in shock.

"You..." She seems lost for words.

"I'm really trying not to. He's a vampire. So am I. I'm not with him," I say hurridly as her eyes widen.

"I just hope we get rescued," I continue.

The End

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