Lucy: Not how it's supposed to happenMature

The leaves rustle all around me and I shiver. I'm standing in the middle of the forest in my nightdress. Oh great. I must be having another crazy dream.

I walk around aimlessly for a while, I don't know where exactly I am and even though it's a sunny day it's still cold. I shiver again and wish my skimpy nightdress covered more of me as I pull it down over my legs, trying to stretch it to my knees. It doesn't really work. Then I hear voices, a girl, she's arguing with someone and I stand behind a tree and peer around it. The girl has long white hair tipped blue, it falls just past her denim hotpants and she's also wearing a white t-shirt and white knee high cons. I only know one person with white blonde hair tipped blue...

The girl is me. And I'm arguing with a tall guy with spiky white hair streaked blood red. He's leaning against a tree with an amused look on his face and I take the time to study what he looks like. He wears black combats, a black v-neck tshirt, fingerless leather gloves and a long red cloak with a hood that makes me start thinking of a final fantasy character I used to be obsessed with. Then I try to see his face, and I realise that it's shadowed by the hood of the cloak he wears. All I can see are his lips, curved in an insolent smile. And then his teeth...oh god he's a vampire! I didn't know they existed.

Suddenly he uncrosses his arms and starts walking towards the dream me. Dream me stiffens and walks backwards a few steps. Then he lunges and all I see is dream me's hair as it whips around the two of them and her small cry as he sinks his teeth into her neck and closes his eyes with a look of ecstasy on his face. I gasp and raise my hand to my mouth, not realising that I've stepped out from behind the tree. His mouth never leaves dream me's neck but his eyes flick open and I can see the smile in them as he looks at me. Dream me has gone limp in his arms and he slowly raises his mouth from her neck, licking the last drops of blood that linger on his lips. Then he smiles at me. "Nice dress Luce." he smirks and then I wake up.

I sit up sweating and look around my room. Birthday cards litter the floor and I grimace as I see the number 18 on a few of them.

So much responsibility....

I sigh and wonder about my dream. I've been having dreams lately and they're happening but I've never seen myself in one. I look at the clock. 9:15. Ugh!

Scrambling out of bed I rush a shower and then scoop some breakfast down my throat. As I'm sitting at the table my stepdad comes in and when he sees how short my nightdress is he grins horribly at me. "All grown up now girlie. Let's see how long you last!" he leers at me as he sits down at the table. I can feel him staring at my legs and I quickly finish my food and try to leave the kitchen as fast as I can. Not quick enough obviously as he catches me a backhand across the face. "I'll have you first girl. Your mother won't be here this Saturday night and guess what.. today is Friday." I run to my room and close the door, locking it behind me. The man is evil.

I brush out my hair and decide to go and stay at my friend Trish's house for the weekend. I can always count on Trish. I grap my backpack and shove some clothes into it and then get dressed really quickly. It's sunny outside so I wear light clothes and it's not until I'm halfway down the forest path to Trish's that I realise I'm wearing the same clothes I was in my dream. It's too late to turn back now and I continue on until suddenly I look down at my feet, then back up, and he's there. I stop.

"Who are you? What do you want?" I yell. He doesn't reply, he just smiles that frightening smile. "Stay away from me ok? I'm going to just keep walking down this path, I won't tell anyone that I saw you or what you are." He laughs at this, a low laugh that was strangely sexy and yet it scares the hell out of me.

"Lucy darling, this is the way it happens. You saw it, and so did I. We're going to be good friends. I hope you've packed that nightdress you were wearing last night." he takes a step towards me and I decide. If I stand here and let him come, he'll get me. If I turn and run, he'll get me. So I run forwards and think that I'm taking him by surprise. He just lets me run past and then starts running beside me....backwards!!

He's looking at me now with sort of pale red eyes and they're full of laughter. I stop running and turn to run the other way but suddenly he's in front of me. He puts a finger under my chin and tilts it up. I find myself stuck gazing into his eyes.
"Luce, you can't run from me. It's your destiny. We both saw it." He brushes my hair back from my neck as he speaks and then he bends his head slowly to it, not breaking eye contact until the last minute when his hand snakes around my waist and he sinks his teeth in.

I barely feel the pain, in fact it's somehow comforting to be locked in this vampire's embrace. Then before everything goes black I murmur sadly "This is not how it's supposed to happen..."

The End

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