Akuji: Calming down... then screaming againMature

The man either doesn't hear my scream, or ignores it because he just keeps on walking. I breathe deeply for a few minutes and then check my watch. Ten to nine. School is fifteen minutes away. I run all the way and arrive in even more disarray than when I left. I get a detention for the third late in a week. I can tell this day is going to be a bad day.

If only I'd known just how bad.

The morning passes slowly. Double maths and physics is boring at the best of times, but my mind keeps wandering back to the forest this morning. I can't get the unconscious girl and the man in black out of my head. The bell rings for lunch and I drag myself off to the detention room. That doesn't go well either. I have to write I will not be late two hundred times, but after about fifty I realise I've started writing Unconscious girl and a man in black over and over. I get my rubber out and frantically rub out the accusing sentences. Then the bell goes and I get an after school detention because I haven't finished. The afternoon then seems to fly by, with English, IT and History, and then more detention.

If only I hadn't been late.

I walk back through the forest, not expecting anything. Suddenly out of the corner of my eye I see a man dressed all in black. I turn, expecting the guy from this morning. But at once I see that he's not. His face is harder, the mouth turned down in a permanent scowl. 

"I've been waiting for you, missie. I heard your scream this morning, is that the best you can do?" he says in a voice like ice. 

Then he leaps towards me, mouth open and I see the fangs.

The last thing that goes through my head is Oh my god, he's a vampire and then the worst pain in the world.

I scream like all hell has broken loose, for me it has.

The End

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