Oval: SleepMature

Later in the day a packet of food and a very thick sleeping bag are thrown into the room and I only glimps the person who threw it in and it wasn't the vampire boy even though I'm sure it was a vampire.

I wolf down the food not realising how hungry I had been. Then I slip into the sleeping bag shivering.

I still feel the hardness of the floor but I easily fall off to sleep from tiredness.

"Is she ready?" the voice is commanding and obviously incharge.

"Not that I know off, no sign of psychic activity" It's the vampire boys voice... that other guy must be the leader or something.

"Ah, okay. Are you sure you want this one?" the man incharge asks.

"Yes, Father" the boy says. The guy incharge is his father. Figures.

"Lucien, you need to be sure once you've chosen one then I'll have to allow you brothers to fight over the last five" the boys father says. So Lucien is his name.... hmm, sort of suits him.

"I'm certain father this one..... she's special" Lucien says.

"Your sister Caroline is quite bored at the moment since we seem to have only tracked down girls" the father says.

"Caroline's always bored" Lucien says dimissively.

"Hmm, quite right. But we need to find them all Lucien these.... humans will become a threat if we do not find them"

"How so father?"

"Well, either we find them or the others do"

"That would be dangerous" and I can hear the concern in Lucien's voice.

"Quite right. While we may seem like the bad guys for the moment to these humans the fate we provide them is much better than one they would face if we let Him find them" I'm quite sure that the 'Him' had a capital H cause it sounded like a name not just a referance to a certain person.

"Of course father"

"Oh and Lucien...... be careful"

I wake up gasping and I sit up looking round at the cold room. They're.... not the bad guys........

But taking people..... kidnapping isn't that bad......

But they said if they hadn't taken us someone worse would have..... Him. I grip my head and groan.

Uh, I've got a headache. I don't like this. Something really doesn't seem right. I wish I had a mirror to check the colour of my eyes. The reason being they seem to change colour when I'm in danger......... A bright glowing silver.

Then my gift's also help me fight against that danger whatever it maybe.

The End

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