Akuji: Oh my godMature

"Akuji! Get up now! You're going to be late!"

I roll over and look sleepily at my clock with my abnormal yellow green eyes. 8:45. Crap. My sleepiness vanishes. I shoot out of bed and throw on my uniform. I grab my bag I luckily packed the night before and drag a brush through my just over waist length glossy chocolate hair. My mum says something about 'eighteen year olds, always living in the moment'. I glare at her, but she just laughs. I don't have time for breakfast, so I grab a cereal bar on the way. Our house is right next to the woods where poor Kathy got murdered. I don't usually go near them, but my concern about being late for the fourth time in a week overrides my fear of the forest. I run through the trees, choking on my cereal bar. Suddenly a flash of movement catches my eye. I turn and see a man dragging an unconscious girl away.

A man with blood on his hands.

My scream fills the forest.

The End

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