The Dark LifeMature

Six girls, One boy, one girl vampire and six boy Vampires. A darkness is approaching and six girls stand between are the key to victory. But what will happen when they all fall in love with Vampires and become one themselves?????


I walk silently along the path. It's getting dark and I feel eyes on the back of my head but I don't bother to check since I've already checked three times now.

It's just your imagination Oval... Just your imagination. I stop and check again looking back at the barron path. No one in sight.

Theres the sound of owls and a dog barking but thats it. I sigh and push back a stray stand of my black hair which falls around my face and just down my back like a waterfall.

I begin to walk again. Then it happens I see a man up ahead in front that wasn't there before and to be there he would of had to walk down this long road or come out of the forest which no one goes in ever since the murder of Kathy Howard.

I stop looking at him leaning against a tree. He's wearing all black and I can only see his mouth from under the baseball cap which is arranged in a arrogant smirk.

It send shivers down my back. I begin to walk and just as I walk past him he whispers.

"Hello Oval" I turn on him. He just smiles.

"How do you know my name?" I demand. He stands up coming away from the tree. It's only then I realise how tall he is as I rise my smokey gray eyes up to his face.

I still can't see his eyes but I do know his hair is black but much darker from my own. While mine shines and glints of the lights his seems to suck in the blackness around him.

I know I should run but my legs won't move. I try to step back and manage one step but he grabs my wrist. My other hand tightens around the strap of my backpack.

"Let go" I hiss.

"Scared Oval" He whispers that arrogant smile still playing on his lips.

"Let go" I shout, theres no point calling for help the next house isn't for miles.

"Your alone Oval... but don't worry I'm not going to hurt you" Just then he smiles revealing his teeth. I gasp staring at the sharp canines.

"Your a-a-" I can't get the words out of my mouth.

"This won't hurt a bit" Then he tilts my body pushing back my hair from my neck and sinks his fangs in, all in one swift movement.

"No" I gasp as darkness begins to grab hold of me. "No......"


The End

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