The BeginningMature

I had arrived at Newcastle airport, all I could think about was, 'what's my mother going to think about me?' Why did I even care? I got off the plain, grabbed my luggage from the conveyable, walked out the doors ot the airport and there she was. Long, mouse blonde, curly hair, average height, blue eyes like the ocean, just like mine. I had toget my eyes from somewhere because my father had brown-golden eyes, just like his brother and my brother do. Must be a boy gene thing. My brother and I had kept in touch over the 10 years but I never sore him, until now. He was standing next to our mother. He had blonde hair, just like our mother, tall, just like father 6``5, he was no longer that 7 year old I remember, he was a man.

I walked over to them, looking at the groung so I didn't have to look at her, I still hated her guts and nothing was going to change that.

"The little bird has flown home." my brother alwayed called me little bird, just because I was named after a bird and he was just named after Uncle Mark.

"Yeah, it looks that way." I said in a shy manner.

Mark grabbed me and pulled me into his arms, giving me a big bear hug.

"Em... Mark... can't.... breathe..."

Mark pulled away from me as quick as he could "Oh, sorry."

"I guess I won't be play fighting with you, like we did when we were little." I wish I could have laughed at that, but I couldn't, not with my mother there.

"No hug for your mother." there was sadness in my mothers voice.

"Sorry." I moved slowly to my mother and rapped my arms around her.

"I'm so glad you're here."

"Yeah, me too." I hope she didn't nocie that I was lying. I moved back over to Mark and gave him the 'I don't want to be here' look. I was glad that my mother was not taking no notice.

"Right. Le's get home, before Sam thinks I've a banded him" she looked through her bag, prrperly for her car keys, Mark told me that she kept lossing them.

"Who's Sam?" I was confused, could this be the man that Mark was on about on the phone.

"Sam's the wolf we have."

"Oh, right, a wolf." I moved my hand through my hair.

"Your father did tell you, didn't he?"

Shaking my head, Mark put an arm around my shoulder, what I hated. "We never talked about you two. It upset him anytime we talked about you mom."

"Oh right." she looked around, "Well this isn't putting tea on the table. Lets go." she walked of towards a blak carr, looks like a BMW from where I'm standing. Mark took the two bigsuitcases from me with no difficulty at all, and led me to the car. We placed the luggage in the back of the car and got in.

We were all quite on the way to my mother house, I took more notic in the scenery around me than my mother. It was 50 minutes before we had reached where she lived. Shildon, a small town in Co. Durham, that looked ok, I can't say it looked great because it doesn't. It's full of takeaways and a couple of shops.

The house my mother lives in wasn't fabulous, it was one of the one's that was joined to the other houses next to it. By what Mark said College that I would be transferring to was a 15 minute drive from here. Mark was going to be in the same classes aas me cause we were into the same things, he was born at the beginning of the year and I at the end. That was why we were so close, the ages, he was still my big brother that I hadn't seen in 10 years. I'll expect he to do the big brother tthing with lads that would ask me out, that would be fuunny.  But that wouldn't happen because I'm not look for a boyfriend, I won't be looking cause of the whole'Dark Knight' thing.

I got out of the car, not knowing what my life was going to be like. 'Does Mark have any idea what mom and dad are?'

"Yeah, I do Raven." I looked at my brother, he was taking the bags out of the boot of the car.

"What did you just say Mark?" I was confused again, did my brother hear what I was thinking.

As he carried the bags into the house, my mother walked over the road. "I said yeah, I do. I do know about mom and dad, I was told when I was 15."

I followed him "You've known and you never told me."

"No, I didn't. Mom was the one who had to tell me, and dad was the one who had to tell you. I had to keep my mouth shut."

The End

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