The Dark Future

Explore the future through the eyes of a blind man

The ship suddenly began to shake more violently than anything Cain had ever felt. The still air inside the chamber became impossibly thick, choking not only his lungs, but every pore in his body. The strangling suit he wore and the straps binding him to the rattling seat threatened to steal his life away at any moment. Over the deafening silence of hyperspace, the last sounds he had heard echoed relentlessly in Cain's head. "Three... two... one... one... one..."

He held his breath and tried to imagine that he was breathing normally... tried to think about anything. He knew that the destruction of Earth was inevitable. He knew that every conceivable escape route had been thoroughly investigated, and that all the possibilities had been eliminated except for this one. But nothing could stop this journey from being so intensely painful... each second, he could feel a hundred years dying. It was such a perfect planet they had found, Optimus Theta. Unfortunately it wouldn’t be perfect for another 8,000 years. Cain knew that if all went as planned, the rest of Earth's inhabitants would soon follow him there. But he sensed terrible problems. He couldn't deny his fear that he, the crew, and the passengers would be alone for a very long time. Perhaps forever.

And then it was over. The ship was back to normal speed, and the seat's remaining vibration was only a trick of his mind. He heard the distinct gasp of breath and sigh of relief from each passenger, and knew instantly that everyone was at least alive. As he listened to them moving about, still checking on each other, he marveled-- not for the first time-- that the others thought him the least perceptive. But they would learn. Especially, he shuddered, if they ended up stuck together for all eternity.

The End

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