I pulled my hood snug over my head, hiding my curly brown hair. I smudged my face with dirt to make me unrecognizable. I can't risk being seen, anything could send my parents looking for me.

Syphilus is beautiful. So bright and colorful. The children play in the streets and the market sells fresh fruit, plentiful meats and fish from the most beautiful sea. Golden sunlight shines in everybody's face. It is so cheerful. I remembered that I had some money...enough for food and a room in the Inn. I bought a meal and sat on a bale of hay. I finished and got up, looked for the nearest Inn and got a room. I went to my room to relax and set out the few things I had, such as a cloak, money, and a map. My eyes trailed off out my window to a big red sign, that had the word WANTED at the top. My jaw dropped as I looked at the picture below. It was a picture of me. I was Wanted. There was a $100,000 reward. And the poster was signed "The King and Queen."

Oh no oh no Oh no! There is no way I can make it.

I went outside for some air, which I guess wasn't the best idea...a fisherman looked at me and said "Aren't you that missin' princess? Yeah there's a big reward for you..." and he grabbed me and took me to the authority figure of Syphilus. Apparently my parents had been worried sick. I had gotten just what I wanted. My Mother cancelled the wedding, and said she would do anything to have me home. The Authority figure notified my parents and before I knew it a carriage was at my house ready to come and get me.

When the carriage came I waited eagerly to see my parents, but alas, they were not there. Only the guard Philip and Steven were there, ready to welcome me. I waved and sat down. I fell asleep and before I knew it, we were home.

The End

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