The Dark Forest

Im in a forest dude

Its the dead of night. The moon is shining brightly and prominently, putting a milky coloring on everything's surface. The Dark Forest's trees seem to be lurking towards me. Stop it mind! STOP! Trees can't move and those stories Mother told me were fake. There is no way those were real. Shanowas are fake. Maybe if you get your head into the game you could control your thoughts better. I tried to focus on my family. My Mother and my Father, whom I loved very dearly, and missed with a full heart. Why did I run away?! If i wasn't so stupid and self centered I wouldn't be in this situation! Instead of running away I should have just stayed where I was. I should have just stayed with my parents. I bet my Mother would have understood me if I had just explained my feelings. She may be rude and judgemental at times, but that didn't stop her from being a great mother. I truly missed them.


I could feel the Shanowa's hot breath on my back. Its stench was so foul that you could smell it from a mile away. A sticky glob of foaming saliva falling on my shoulder made me realize that the gruesome Shanowa was right behind me. A coat of sweat shone on my forehead and stung my eyes. My hands gripped the tree trunk I had been hiding behind. My head slowly turned to look at the frightening sight behind me. If you haven't had the displeasure of looking upon this beast, I shall explain to you what it looks like. Its feet look like they had been run over by horses multiple times, then stepped on my cows, and put into a shredder. The toe nails are a mustard yellow and are shaped like really long almonds, pointy at the tip. Its legs are long, thin and bony, the hair thick and black, covering every bit of its disgusting dirty white skin. The Shanowa's face is so monstrous that you want to hide your eyes. Its face is thin and shadowy, its black beady eyes pop out at you and its lips look like lizards crawling around when it growls. The Shanowa's teeth are long and pointed, set to rip your throat out and its ears are pointed and large.

The Shanowa growled at me, scrunching up its ugly face and hissing, spit flying. I ran as fast as I could. I felt the wind ripping through my hair. I had never ran that fast in my life. Shanowas are known for being speedy, and it caught up to me and scratched my with its talon, and almost but me, but I punched it and climbed up a tree. All the sudden, out of nowhere, a beautiful Unicorn named Flido came and destroyed the Shanowa. All that Flido had to do was touch it. Flido told me that he had been debating on weather or not to help me, and he decided to help me. I am so grateful he did. If he hadn't then I would be dead. After that night I never saw Flido again.

That was the first (and last) time anything attacked me in the night, and the next day I successfully got to Syphilus alive.

The End

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