Chapter 1.4

By the time Drew arrived to the mansion to introduce himself, he saw Elizabeth run crying from her sister.

   "Yeah, that's right. Run away like you always do!" she yelled. "Mom doesn't need all of this!"

   He didn't know exactly what had just conspired, all he knew is that he needed to find out. So he followed her.

   He didn't know where she was going, just that she needed some space and a break from reality. 

   He noticed that everyone avoided her when she came near and were saying things like, she's going to disappear as well, or the village is at risk if she stays here.

   When another couple walked by mumbling about her, he grabbed them and said. "You know it's not nice to say that. She might be different you know. Talk to her and don't let me catch you saying anything about her again. You know the consequence if you do."

  He held on to their eyes until fear was in them and released them and watched their retreating backs with cold malice in his eyes.

   Elizabeth didn't care that people ignored her, she just wanted one person to talk to and help her understand why she was drawn to that particular house. Why she had to move here? And what her dream meant.

   From the moment she entered the only park in the village she felt eyes follow her, as she cast around looking for them she found herself looking into the eyes of a kind old lady. Or was she?

   The old woman hadn't stopped staring at her. She just sat there feeding the birds and just plain watched her, smiling and Elizabeth felt like she could talk to her about anything. But growing up the city, her intuition went up and tried to calm it by thinking it's just a harmless old lady. Nothing to be scared of. but still it didn't stop from increasing.

   Drew knew Elizabeth saw her and wanted to shout and stop her but something held him off and made him stay put. No matter how hard he tried to escape he wouldn't move.

  "Hey Elizabeth is it?" he shouted.

   "Yeah." she replied looking at him.

   "I never got to introduce myself when you first moved in," he told her. He felt that whatever had held him firm was starting to lose its grip and he could move again.

   As he looked at the old woman, she was scowling at him as if to say this isn't over you will be eternally tormented and dissappeared.

   Elizabeth started walking toward Drew with a feeling that she had seen him somewhere before.

   "Hi, I'm Drew," he said his breathe catching in his throat as he tried not to grab her and kiss her.

   "I like to be called Liz," she told him in a manner of fact voice. "And your the first person to look at me dead in the face, apart from that nice old lady over ..."

  When he followed her gaze, the 'nice old lady' was gone.

   "Well, Liz, welcome to Meckhall Village," he smiled at her. "Sorry people have been looking away from you. It's just that their superstitious about what would happen to them if they talk to you."

    As they walked he wanted to know everything about her, but he was afraid that if she knew the truth about him then she would run away scared and reject him, just like before. He knew that if he didn't tell her about him then he would push her away forever.

   "So, Drew, how long have you lived here?" she asked him inquiringly.

   "Well my family have lived here for generations," he answered. "But I've just moved back for a couple days to run the family business." He cringed slightly when he said it, and wondered if she noticed. "Why did you move here?"

   "Well my mom made us and we didn't want to leave the city," she sighed. 

   They remained silent as the exited the park and walked along the road leading to her street.

   "You know," he started. "The village isn't all bad, there are some places that these people don't know about. If your free tomorrow I can show you, if you anted to of course?"

   As he watched her he feared she would say no.

   "I'll think about it, " was all she said and turned towards her home. leaving him standing there.

   Liz didn't know what to do as she glided to the living room and sunk into the chair.

   "I don't know what to do," she admitted to her ancestors painting. "What do you think I should do?"

    As the question left her mouth she heard laughter coming from the landing.

   Liz slowly stood up and walked to the stairs and peered up, but no one was there. she turned to walk away and the laughter started again. She climbed the stairs cautiously and found that there was nothing there when she was at the top. She turned to go to her room when she felt something brush past her. She spun around looking everywhere for whatever it was and thought there must have been a window open.

   At dinner Liz didn't tell anyone what had happened, in case they thought she was going crazy. So she ate her meal in silence then skulked off to her room and read some more of the book. 

   She was half way through a chapter when she noticed someone outside and when she looked. it was the old woman who she saw in the park. 

   Liz looked away and closed her curtains, not looking at the old woman, who must have followed her home from the park.

   As she got ready for bed Liz wondered what Drew was doing at this very moment. Was he doing some work for his business? Or in bed the same as her?

   She turned her light out and didn't think of it any more.

   The dream came back again and she didn't know why but she felt as if she did live this dream before.

   Miss Elizabeth. Its time to get up. said the girl Olivia was it?

   Olivia i told you to call me Elizabeth. 

   Liz already dreamed this part. Didn't she?

The End

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