chapter 1.3

It was their first day at a new school and they didn't want to go. what they wanted was to go back to their old school and see all their old friends, but they knew that was never going to happen. So they faced the inevitable and went.

   The hallways were a lot different than what they were used to. They twisted and turned and it was really difficult to find their way to class.

  It didn't help that whenever Liz walked down one hall way everyone looked down a scurried off like they had something important to do.

   When Liz was in her history class and the teacher asked the class a question that only she knew the answer to, he passed her by and carried on.

   It was like that all day and she didn't know what she did wrong.

   When the last bell rang, Liz couldn't wait to get home that she ran out of class just to get out of there.

   "Hey Liz," said her sister in a happy tone."How was your first day?"

   "Terrible. The kids don't look at me, the teachers ignore me and don't get me started on these hall ways." She moaned. "i can't find my way around so I got my map out to find where my classes were. unlike some people who have a guide."

   "You had a guide to." Sarah raged.

   "Yeah as soon as you guys were out of sight, she ran for the hills." Liz argued.

   As they walked home Liz felt like someone was watching her, she looked all around her and there was no one there. 

   It felt like she knew someone was there but didn't know why.

   "Hey mom, we're home!" called Sarah as soon as she entered.

   Liz was halfway up the stairs when her mom asked how her first day went and all she did was growl her frustration before she could shout about how it was. 

  "I've got homework," was all she said and ran to her room for peace and quiet.

   She picked up the call of the wild, walked to her window seat and started to read where she left off.

   When she put the book down to look out of the window, she saw a man looking at the house. 

   He saw her looking at him and he wanted to tell her who he was and why he was there. instead he just stood and watched her watching him.

   He didn't want to move from that spot, but he knew that he had to. Because if he stayed there, even if it was all night, then he wouldn't stop himself from going in there and telling her everything.

   She had to find out on her own.

   When she moved away from the window, he turned to leave and come back later when they were all asleep.

   She didn't know why he was looking at her like that, she just knew that she wanted him to stay a little longer but didn't know why.

   Later that night she fell asleep by the window and dreamed about him. Or so she thought.

   "Elizabeth. You belong with me Elizabeth. You always have and Always will," said the dream Drew.

   "No. I'm getting married next week and your invited to the wedding." her dream self said.

   "You don't love him Elizabeth, I know you don't. You love me. You just don't know it yet. But i will have you Elizabeth. Sooner or later I will have you." He told her, his voice scaring her to the bone.

   "Drew, I only think of you as a friend and nothing more." she replied

   She didn't know why her dream self was turning that handsome hunk down.

   "Clancy loves me and I love him. you can either come to the wedding or not. it's up to you." she was getting angry with him now

   "Fine I'll go. But I will have you even if its one of your descendants. I will have you." with that he was gone from her dream.

   Liz bolted awake and thought she saw him standing there watching her.

   Drew watched as she went to her bed and turned off her light.

   He knew the instant that she bolted awake a memory of him had returned and he knew it wouldn't be the only one to come back to her.

  He walked back to his big black house and was greeted with the cold sting of lose, because without her in his life he wasn't complete. 

   He climbed the creaky stair case and went into his room that was filled with her pictures. 

   He dropped onto his king size bed wishing she was next to him. He wanted her to be under his silk sheets wanting him, the way he always wanted her.

   Drew felt like his soul was with her already and he wished her's was with him. He knew it couldn't happen because of that stupid witch who cursed him that if he ever fell in love he would be tormented forever.

   He never knew he would fall like he did.

   He had dreamed about her every night, even after she had disappeared and now she was in a teenagers body just waiting for him.

   In his dream they were happy and had a family. he wished for that every night but it never came and he knew it never would.

   Why did he have to kill the witches daughter? Why couldn't he just let her go? 

   He asked himself these questions every time he woke up.

   He wondered if she loved him and if she did then maybe the curse would be over and they could be happy together. Then he wondered if she didn't love him what would he do, pine over her for another hundred years? No, he had to know if she did, and if she did, well he had to get to know the girl she was then.

  He had made up his mind and decided that he couldn't put it off any longer. He had to see her.

The End

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