chapter 1.2

Present Day.

Although the village and its people never forgot what happened the day Elizabeth and Olivia disappeared and the promise made, they also didn't want anyone to move in because if they did they might have met the same fate.

   Moving trucks went through the town towards Elizabeth's mansion and as Mayor Theodore watched he stroked his greying beard in thought.

   "Ben!" called the Mayor as he tapped his obese belly. "Ben i have something for you to do."

   "Yes sir?" asked Ben, who looked more like an athletic runner than the Mayors aid.

   "I want you to run up to Elizabeth's mansion and see who's moving in. Then come right back and tell me."

   "Of course sir," Ben replied already running their.

   When the car pulled up to the house the back door opened.

   "Alright, alright. Get off my back would you?" Said the girl as she turned round.

   Ben's smile faded on his lips and was starting to turn white, as if he was seeing a ghost, and then fainted.

   "Well done Liz," Said Sarah. "You made this guy faint. Who by the looks of it was here to welcome us."

   "Mom. Sarah's doing it again," Said Tommy. he was only twelve but he knew what his sister's were like.

   "Tommy," Liz said sweetly."Just because Sarah said i made him faint doesn't mean it could have been her instead."

   "Stop it now!" shouted their mother Trixie. Who's short red hair was in need of a brush and tired face"I've had to listen to you to bicker and argue all the way here. Now when we have to unload the boxes and everything. Sarah, you decide to play the blame game."

   Tommy was standing there listening to his mom tell them off and trying not to laugh. instead he covered it with a cough.

   "Hey. That guy's coming to." Tommy shouted. 

   Slowly but surely Ben opened his eyes and stared at Liz and Sarah. It hadn't been a trick of the light. They really did look like Elizabeth, except Sarah had a distinctive birth mark on her neck in the shape of a heart.

   "Hello. My name's Ben and on behalf of a honorable Mayor Theodore i would like to welcome you to Meckhall Village. The Mayor would like to extend an invitation for you and your family to done with him tomorrow night, as an official and personal welcome." Ben told them with a smile.

   Liz had gone to find her room, but she was drawn to the very room that Elizabeth and Olivia had vanished from.

   "Found my room!" She shouted down.

   As she pulled off the white sheet's covering everything, she was in awe at what she found.

   There was a King size bed, a dressing table with perfume bottles on, two bedside table's (both with lamps on them) and a mirror.

   "Well this is it," she told her refection. "I'm stuck here and there's nothing i can do to stop it"

   As she was getting her things she saw a painting in the corner of her eye and as she turned to look at it she dropped the box she had in her hands and stared in shock at the woman in the painting.

   "What is it Liz?" Asked her mother as she was walking by.

   When Liz didn't answer she turned to see what she was looking at and found she was looking at the original owner of the house, Elizabeth.

   "Mom why does she look like me?" Asked Liz in a shaky voice. "I mean it can't be a coincidence that i look like her, is it?"

   "Liz. We didn't just move here on impulse." her mother said with a heavy heart. "When you were little you always dreamed of being this rich woman surrounded by servants. You told me what the house looked like and when i found it a couple of weeks ago i thought i was dreaming to. it wasn't until i saw the painting of her taht i realized you dream wasn't a dream."

   That's why you bought this place. Because of my dream when i was little." Liz said, her voice on the edge of anger. "Well thanks mom. When were you going to tell me? When? would it have been tomorrow or never?"

   "I was trying to tell you on the way here. but you were arguing with Sarah so much that i couldn't." Shouted trixie.

   "Hey what's going on?" Asked Sarah as she came in. "Oh my god. You always want attention don't you Liz."

   "I didn't put it there," Liz replied as she picked up her box and went to her room.

   When everyone had finished unpacking they had a sandwich and went to bed.

   Outside across the street a man wearing blue jeans, a plain black t-shirt and a leather jacket stood and stared at Liz's window.

   "Well, well it looks like I'm getting another chance after all," Drew smiled. "Looks like I'll have to watch and wait to see if this is the right girl. If not then i'll wait again until she comes."

   with that he walked away and left them to sleep, at least until the next night.

   When Liz woke up the next morning she felt like she was being watched all night. Which was wierd.

   "Liz, Sarah, Tommy. Breakfast is ready!" Shouted her mother.

   With a groan she got out of bed and went downstairs for breakfast. Which was eggs and pancakes, oddly enough.

   After breakfast Liz went to get washed and dressed, then went to find a book to read.

   "Call of the Wild? Seriously." She scoffed," I might as well be dead. oh well there's nothing else here that looks remotely good."

   When she took it to her room, she noticed that there were pictures of Elizabeth with another girl. As Liz looked more closely at her, she recognized who it was. It was the girl who always helped her in her dreams. She called her Olivia.

   "Liz. Find something nice to wear to the Mayor's house tonight please?" Asked her mother.

   "Ok mom." she said sounding bored, because she didn't have anything nice to wear.

   When she looked inside her wardrobe she noticed that a dress was on her bed. She didn't know who would have put it there, but the smell of jasmine was in the air around it.

   As she tried it on she looked in the mirror she found that the light blue dress looked really nice on her. So she decided to wear it to dinner.

   As they walked from the car to the Mayor's door, Liz started to feel out of place.

   "Hello. Come in please," Said the Mayors wife, who looked like a super model rather than his wife.

   No sooner as Liz had entered The Mayor and his wife gasped in terror.

   It was her. But she couldn't have come back, could she?

   "Mr Mayor, these are my twin daughter's Elizabeth and Sarah and my son Tommy. Thank you for inviting us to your lovely home." Trixie said with a smile.

  As dinner wore on Liz felt uncomfortable as the Mayor and his wife stared at her. As if they knew her.

   "Mom?" she whispered. "I'm not feeling very well. Could we go home now please?"

   "Of course honey." said her mom concerned. 

   When they were in the car Liz told her mom why she wanted to leave and her mom didn't say anything, she just stared at her in shock.

The End

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