the dark and mysterious stranger

a man angry and hurt, a woman who is scared to sleep, a hand maid who is afraid to stay at night.
twins who move into a mansion, a mother who is over protective and a brother who believes in the otherworldly.
a village with a dark secret and even darker past.

On a dark, cold and stormy night a man was standing in the rain. he wore a long black trench coat and a black bowler hat. his bright blue eyes watching the big white mansion, just to catch a glimpse of her. his lips in a crooked smile as he saw her silhouette pass across her parlour window.

   he knew if he stood there one minute longer he would be caught, but he didn't care. she haunted his dreams every single night, she was in his thoughts every single day and every time he saw her it tormented him that she didn't want him the way he wanted her. 

   so he thought of a way to get rid of her and make it look like she left in the middle of the night without even saying goodbye to any one. not even her fiance who didn't deserve her.

   as he turned to leave, he felt someone watching him. as he turned to look back at the mansion, he saw her looking at him. her eyes wide in shock and her face was horror struck.

   Elizabeth couldn't have seen him out there, could she? How long had he been standing there watching her home? she wondered.

   Her brown eyes were searching for a book to read, as she pulled out a book a smile crept onto her lips. She had picked out call of the wild her favourite book.

   The smile vanished as quickly as it appeared, for she remembered why. her farther used to read it to her when she was a little girl, always at bedtime and not a minute earlier or later.

   She had waited for him to come home from work to read another chapter to send her off to sleep, to dream about buck and what it would be like for him to be her dog.

   When there was a knock on the door she had ran to open it and found a police man standing there asking to see her mother.

   She was sent upstairs to her room, but before she reached the top step she heard her mother scream and start to cry. she knew in that moment that her farther wasn't coming home ever again.

   She felt tears run down her face at the memory, but she still loved the book and every time she read it she would hear her farther's voice and how he would do the voices of the characters. 

   She went over to the fire place and prodded the fire to get a little more heat in her spacious parlour. 

   After she had pulled her shawl round her she started on the first chapter.

   She didn't know how long she was asleep for, she didn't know when she fell asleep altogether. all she knew was she was jolted awake by the loud thump of her book on the floor.

   Elizabeth knew she had to go to bed. so she doused all of the candles, except hers to light the way to her room.

   As she climbed the stairs she heard a noise behind her, but she knew she was alone because she had locked her door after her servants left for the night.

   She ignored the noise and carried on up the stairs, that's when she heard footsteps coming up behind her. she turned and stretched her arm with the candle out to see who was there, but there was no one there and the footsteps had stopped as soon as she turned to face them.

   When she continued to climb the footsteps started again, but at a hurried pace. Elizabeth spun round as fast as she could and her candle went out. she waited for the footsteps to stop, instead they carried on and went strait past her and on to the landing. 

   With her candle out and darkness around her, Elizabeth searched for the and rail. when she found it she followed it all the way to the top and fumbled her way to her bedroom. 

   She thanked god that her hand maid Olivia had lite a fire before she left.

   When she was ready for bed she climbed under the covers and fell instantly to sleep.

   The next morning she awoke to the delicious smell of eggs and pancakes, she knew a breakfast wouldn't be complete without a pot of tea.

   Olivia always woke Elizabeth up with her breakfast and put out her clothes for that day.

   "Good morning Miss Elizabeth," Chimed Olivia. "Did you have a nice sleep?"

   "Good Morning Olivia, and i told you that you can all me Elizabeth. You are my best friend after all" replied Elizabeth.

   "Sorry Elizabeth. It just feels odd calling my mistress by her first name, that's all"

   As Elizabeth sat there eating her breakfast she recalled what had happened to her and told Olivia all about it. When she was done they both laughed about it.

   When Elizabeth was dressed she went downstairs to put her book back on the shelf, but when she entered her parlour her book wasn't where she left it but in its place on the shelf. She knew that she didn't out it there, so who did?

   "Hello Elizabeth," said Drew. "I Hope you don't mind your butler let me in."

   All Elizabeth could do was stare at him in disbelief.

   "Whatever you want Drew forget it," She said. "You have wanted something from me from the moment you saw me and i told you i only think of you as a friend and nothing more. I'm sorry, but that's the way it is.

   "Your invited to the wedding next month, so why can't you be happy for instead of pursuing me?"

   "Because you don't belong with Clancy and you know it. You belong with me, you just don't know it yet. But you will eventually. If not then I'm sure one of your descendants will."

   With that he left her mansion and stood in the exact spot he stood in last night and just simply watched again.

   "Olivia, can you stay here with me tonight please?" she asked, her voice shaking with fear.

   "Of course Elizabeth. Why did you look tired this morning?" Asked Olivia.

   "I couldn't sleep. All the noise. It just wouldn't stop." Hysteria in her voice.

   That night they went to bed early and when they were drifting off to sleep a loud bang came from the bedroom door, which scared them awake.

   Again and again it came trying to get in.

   When it eventually stopped, they thought it was over. but they were wrong, the key in the lock turned and the door handle was pushed down and the door swung open. The Fire went out and they screamed as they sat on total darkness.

   The next morning there was no trace of them any where and all that the chief of police found was an unmade bed.

   the villagers vowed that never again shall any one set foot in the mansion or they will meet the same fate as Elizabeth and Olivia.

   All suspicion turned to Drew, as he was in love with her. 

   He told them that he wasn't anywhere near the mansion that night and if he was he would have stopped it from happening.

The End

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