3: Shorted WiresMature

"Weird." Crowley spoke the word hoarsely and drug it out as he was looking intently at some numbers, too far away for Angus to make out what they were. He wasn't really interested in Crowley's work, but there wasn't really a lot going on. Joy still was in her room , and had barely spoke to the two men all day. Nothing abnormal, they had all grown so accustomed to living together that they often didn't speak to each other for a day or two. Just another shadow in the dark, Angus thought.

"What's that now?" He leaned closer to Crowley, who seemingly forgot he was there, shocked when he spoke. 

"Oh, ah, well," The old man moved a couple more folders on the screen out of the way, "It says here we got a transmission last night but I can't seem to find it anywhere." He shrugged. "Weird."

"Hmm. That's odd." Angus didn't know much about those screens, never enough money to spend on those things. He needed more real, touchable things to buy. He assumed Crowley just couldn't find it. "I don't remember seeing the blinking lights, but I was pretty finished off when by the time I slept last night." He spoke as if that was an unusual circumstance for him, but Crowley merely nodded, intent on discovering what was wrong.

"Joy might know." Angus spoke again, not really sure where the words came from. He guessed his mind never really left the thought of her since he saw her this morning. Angus' mind raced more than he'd care to hear, so he often just tried to shut the whole damn machine off.

"JOY!" Crowley's words rocked like cement across the small space of the ship. A man almost entirely not serious, but a firestorm of fury when his anger is provoked. She appeared at the doorway from the stairs, and had obviously been sleeping. Her mid-back hair disjointed, long pajama bottoms dragging to the floor, a thin red spaghetti strap shirt, hidden mostly by her folded arms. 

"What do you want?" She sounded genuinely sore, a tone Angus knew all too well.

The air got tenser. He gazed at his empty glass, and got up to refill it, trying desperately to stay out of their way. He sensed danger like an animal that knows it's being watched. Angus and Joy and Crowley weren't cut from the same branch, so to speak, but they were usually friendly and jovial, usually.

"You know anything 'bout a recording coming in last night?"Crowley eyes left the numbers on the screen and searched Joy's face while he spoke, an intimidation trick, obviously from his army days.

"Why?" She scratched her hair and sat down in the seat Angus had just so recently left, his dark eyes now gazing from the safe distance of the cabinets. Her tone expressed nothing more than curiosity, another trick, Angus thought. After living with these people for so long you have their habits and intentions down to an art. Angus was constantly surprised at how much Joy was willing to go to stop the truth. A reflex he knew all too well by her inability to reveal anything about her childhood. There was something constantly both warm and cold about her and her actions. Like a freezerburn. As friendly as she was conniving. Like a wild animal taken in as a pet. Both fit Joy well. Maybe it wasn't her along carrying the torch through the dark, but all three of them carrying each their own torch. Each a varying degree of brightness. That's why he felt it was only Joy carrying the torch, her's had outshined his torch. 'I must rekindle the coals, he thought, and start the flame again. Because if one goes out the darkness would take the other two.' or maybe it was the drink giving Angus these thoughts, he wasn't sure. 

"Says here we got ourselves a message about 11 o clock last night but neither me or Angus," He motioned at the dark silhouette in the corner, "remember seeing anything, he thought you might know something." His face went repeatedly from the screen to Joy, hoping to get some emotion out of her, "Well?" His blue eyes got wide and stopped to examine her face, wrinkles settling in around his face.

"Yeah they were some crazy Jesus freaks, nothing to worry about, their third member died of a heart attack or something. It sounded like they were into the uppers." She yawned and took a couple steps closer. "You both were passed out so I figured I'd just delete it, you can send another one if it's that big of deal."

"Look here little lady, the captain is supposed to interpret, see and decide what to do with transmissions." His vouce rattled Angus' ears as he hovered around, not sure what would come of all this.

"Look I didn't think it was that big of deal." Her words came out meekly, "it was more impulse than anything else, those religious fanatics really get to me." She was obviously trying to avoid a fight, bait that Crowley knew better than bite. 

"Did you delete it?" His voice got bigger and his chest seemed to grow a size or two. Angus thought about the hero from the movie, body covered in alien blood, a warrior's scream coming from his throat. "Did you delete it?" Crowley's lightly bearded face was now swollen with anger and drink. His slightly irish accent now cracked through his voice, a sign that his anger overwhelmed his desire to control his tone. 

"They were just a couple idiots.." Joy started to explain herself more but the old man interrupted her again, and Angus watch the fire light behind her eyes. Her torch flamed. 

"That's not the point." He moved closer and waved his arms frantically when he spoke, "I'm the captain, all transmissions come through me." Angus thought this would send Joy into one of her screaming and throwing fits he'd seen so many times, but instead, she laughed a nasally laugh.

"Captain!" She exclaimed, "Captain Crowley! Hell, me and Angus are just as much of a captain of this ship as you are. You're more of a mechanic than a captain." Angus knew with this Crowley was beat, she was almost right. The only thing a captain was good for was to land the ship, and it didn't look like they'd be doing that anytime soon. Crowley's face was lit with rage, but something deep inside made his voice come out calm.

"Never again. Understand?" He pointed his finger at Joy and walked down the stairs, whipped and coughing. A slamming door came after.

"Damn.." Angus started as he slowly walked back towards the chair, sipping his drink. As soon as he sat, however, Joy jumped up, tears welling around her eyes.

"God fuckin' dammit! Leave me alone!" She screamed and another door quickly slammed. Angus flet like he just watched the entirety of a category 5 hurricane and now he was the only survivor. Staring at the black, he switched through some movies, deciding what to watch.

The End

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