1d: California PillsMature

Black shifts and turns to color, like a tape rewinding, flooding corners of the skull and issuing a personal drama for one man only.

Joy passes out with her one drink still partially there, the screen shuts of in front of her as soon as her eyes shut. The light coming from underneath her door goes black with shadows. Her mind goes to nothing. Crowley sits. The same sit he's done for years, his ass spot worn into the chair he resides in, mind loops in broken thoughts and doubts.

Black shifts and turns to color.

There'd had been a time in Caleb's life where it wasn't wasted in the above ground apartment outside the heart of San Diego. They brought him here for 'Mandatory Appointments of Mental and Physical Stature.' What that meant he had no idea. He'd only been here two weeks but already he longed for Idaho, the Snake River that folded out to the sea, the harboring mountains that rose in size with the dawn of the sun every morning. The echoes of the various songbirds filling the chorus of his house every morning, replaced by the screech of cars and the nearly constant string of sirens. At least they paid for the room, he thought.

It was only 7:30 in the morning and all ready the heat lines steamed off the pavement, thousands of cars flooded the streets. Angus wandered around in his underwear after shutting the A.I off, it was a lot quieter without it. He got dressed in a pair of black shorts and just an undershirt, his appointment still was an hour away. He dragged his feet over to the bathroom once he dressed. He opened the medicine cabinet, piles of pills rattled in each of their own separated containers, like rattlesnakes shaken from their sleep. Riled up and ready to do some damage. His fingers blindly reached and moved across the shelfing.

He finally found what he was looking for and brought forth a bottle marked,

"Lunanex." light blue, two gone, the anti-sleep pill. Doctor's orders. He placed it back in its hole and grabbed the one beside it.

"Satera" A pill that made any thought in his loins wither away and dissipate. A pill that made no sexual thoughts pass through his vacant, candy colored filled brain. A large brown round pill. One gone. He placed it back amongst the other slow deaths and grabbed the pill bottle to the far left.

"Ambreva" Caleb referred to it as the 'sheep' pill. Makes a viking beserker act like a girl scout selling cookies. Small, white, with a thin line in the middle. Two gone and down his throat.

Bottle after bottle after bottle.

The doctors had flooded him with these pills on account they were worried about the "Mental Stress" indured during the recent shock of the knowledge he was to be shipped out as an astronaut. Each of the three times he'd gone in to see the doctors so far, they'd handed him a new set of pills. He knew the one in the next hour would be no different.

Hours and hours they tested him, "What do you think about this?" A flash picture of a murdered man lying in the street, "How would you react if someone you didn't know grabbed your genitalia?" "Female? Male?" They ran him through day after day of this. Without the pills he couldn't handle it, he barely could anyway, "What makes you really angry when talking to someone?" "What sort of actions make you the most aroused when meeting someone for the first time? A biting of the lip? The nervous flutter of eyes?" His mind raced with the repeated questions. The euphoria of the Ambreva and Lunanex together created a head rush like an avalanche and his mind cascaded into blankness.

The hollow sound of his inner doctor fled into the corners of his thoughts and his own replaced it. Angus was assured they did it for their benefit, not his. He could see two years from now, half of the probes floating peacefully in space. As straight as ever, inside all three occupants murdered from close quarters. Bottle glass cut wrists, hung from the lighting fixtures, strangled, smothered, head beaten against a hard surface.

Man, these pills were doing a number on his head. He placed his hand to it and rubbed his temple, his eyes drooping, half closed. 'Who cares?' thoughts came as he went down for some luke-warm black coffee to get the iron pill taste out of his mouth. He pressed a button on the screen that held his distant-seeming reflection and it was replaced by a thin blue suited man with a bronzed face screaming from a backdrop of California. 

"Highs in the low 100's up to mid-day, afterwards the highs could reach up into the 130's. Not a good day to go out on the sidewalk, you'll have to stay indoors until about 6 or 7 tonight or else you will be liable for your own safety. It is going to be another scorcher, Jane." He switched off the television before it changed to this invisible 'Jane.'

'Every day was a scorcher', Angus considered briefly, 'when you live in a perpetual hell. 'That was the last thing that entered his mind as he opened his door and all went white.

The End

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