Overpopulation tears at the planet. All life support systems are failing. Soon the government starts a draft and billions are sent out to space to find the next habitable planet. Six years later, three ordinary people from various backgrounds find their way just trying to survive in the small space of the ship while still grappling to keep onto hope.

"The waking have one common world, but the sleeping turn aside each into a world of his own." - Heraclitus

It all started with the trees. For years, humans knew their planet was in decline both sociologically and ecologically,but did nothing about it. The rat race started thanks to concerned citizens and a few hardnosed government officals, but it was too late. They knew, they all put on a big show to act like they tried their hardest to stop the disaster that was imploding in front of their eyes, but that was all that did.

Technology presented a simple race, die in the shit you walk in, create the un-createable in form of a utopia, or find a new home elsewhere on another planet. Few simple food sustaining operations started on Mars and soon moved their way across the system from moon to moon, Saturn and Jupiter hosting both a handful of very small operations. It was not enough though, for they were tied to the laboritories of Earth for their foods and supplies of their dome. We could only produce food and medicine in a labratory at home if we had enough oxygen for the rainforest and pine plants in our atmosphere. The common just kept popping out more and more babies and the universal amount of air got shorter and shorter. For how much we had thought we separated ourselves from our environment, it wasn't enough.

Brazil was the first major world player to realize what was happening in their own forest, species getting smaller and small, more and more dead. They quickly became the world's largest economy as they saved the majority of their plants before the wave of suffocation started. Europe tried once more to benefit from what they once raped and left for the flies, the European Union seized the Congo forests before the majority of plants perished. Canada and Russia quickly came behind them, but still lost over 30% of their pine forests. Sure, now the Earth still has a few small patches of forest saved, but it doesn't change the fact that the human population count grows larger by the day. 13 billion people yesterday, or so the screen says.

Fed through baby-faced politicians and the leaders of the world summit, the draft took hold across the world. 2.5 billion, in search for another land, a paradise where fruits fall off trees every step you take and the water is full of fish. Led by pairs of 3, they shall each take their own metal ark and travel the black for the glory of the human race. Or so they say.

The End

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