One DisasterMature

"Megan meet Tom hes gonna help us fight"

"oh........k how Tom what do we have to do" Megan asked cautiously

"you've got to seperate your friends from your enemies some can't be trusted find a team and split up dot your people all around the darkness will not come from just one direction,one lost soul must be traded for another get all the help you can"

"what the hell does that mean your not helping us your just confusing things who is the lost soul? how are we supposed to know"

Caleb stood there in shocked silence like time had been suspended in one word he knew who the soul they needed was,it was Megan how could he do what he has too to someone he loved.

"Megan, Tom there coming now hide." Caleb whispered tiredly.

"No Caleb you hide there after me Megan run dont stop until Caleb tells you" Tom replied gravely

Megan and Caleb ran leaving Tom to defend himself they listened for the intruders they sat there in silence while Tom was being killed.

The End

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