Story of Jude

On that day when many beautiful gods arose from the earth and asphalt and wood that made Lynwood street one boy came up from midnight lotus blossoms. His name was Jude

The midnight lotus had power medicine in its leaves but it bulbs were deadly poisonous. The Sphinx, descending to her high room in Phaedra, Lynwood's battlement, had seen that a boy had come up in the lotus patch and she was for a moment, until she landed again in her study, troubled. And the inhabitants of Lynwood were weary of him. Not just because he was born in the lotus patch but because of his eyes. No white was visible in them, the iris and pupil had spread over the whole surface of the eye. And when he was looked upon it seemed that his eyes were a deep black the color of the lotus but for some dark green radiant streaks. But Jude was at peace and he loved the nidnight lotus so he always wore then strung around in a neckless. His most natural manner seemed to transgress upon everyone.

He ate slowly with delicate hands, and then he wiped them delicately on his tight gray-washed jeans. He walked with a slow feeling step over the ruble and the gardens of Lynwood. And after working for many hours rebuilding the street, when all the other would do homework or get laid. he would sit on the roof like a lotus himself and look out across the scene and the sky.

He was fascinated with all he touched and heard and saw. He walked slowly around taking everything in his hands and studying it and smelling it. After a few months he had lovingly observed every experience on the street. And he knew he could stay on that little block forever delving infinitely into every moment with the small multitude of sensation gathered there. But he looked up into a northeasterly wind coming from the coast and he could smell salt on it. He got down from the roof and packed his old volvo wagon, Adelaide, named after the Abbess of Vilich, and drove up to the block island ferry.

Only half way across the bay and he would feel the beauty of this place. A joy welled up in him as he was intoxicated with the approaching island. The island was inhabited by as spirit, a lingering child of dionysus perhaps. She was a spring of laughter and joy and she often delighted herself with great swirling paintings of cloud and pyrotechnics, in a great encircling canvas of sky around the island. And she loved the old rocks and the thick grasses and the small trees, and the many funny creatures that called her rocky bosom home.

Ashore, Jude was at once in a trance. He walked from the harbor south and down a road, fingering the grass and tasting the air. He wound a long way until he his dream took him walking up a bank in the road and then along the lip of the great scraped cliff leaning over the beach. His neckless of lotus blossoms drifted in the wind and he stretched out his dirty hands and tilted back his head and walked blind along the crown of the island. He walked until her came to a place where the cliff climbed a hill and then there was a flat hard place. He stood there and looked out over his left hand at the purples and pastel grays of the smeared air and the deep rolling ocean. And the wind changed and he looked forward again, where the beach curved around the tip of the island and the road bent into a small wood. And he kept slowly turning he head round to his extend right hand. Across the road he looked down into a beautiful angular valley. Open fields of rich grass with huddled little woods and creeping scrub-brush here and there. There were low brown property walls, centuries old, made without mortar, that swept broad sinusoidal paths along the hills. And it was all dotted here and there with great white rocks sticking through the dirt and lone orchard trees. And away up in the furthest corner of the valley beneath a white pear tree he could just see two figured sitting in white. As he looked at them, as fate had it, the two figures got up from beneath the tree and began walking down the hill toward the road and houses.

They were the Sister Scilla, in the white summer dresses their mother had made for them. They held hands and skipped and came down the hill into the valley towards the town. The beauty of the daughters of the Mrs. Scilla, a prominent women in town, was renowned in all the bordering districts and they were never short of men. All of them, from crushing little boys to grand romantic suiters would fall transfixed when the girls would take the floor together at a town ball. They danced their way through an A-list social scene of artists and the wealthy town moguls. And they were loved by many, and though they loved all their admirers for their goodnesses, they really only loved each other. The hand of one was rarely not in the hand of the other, and the day the sisters Scilla came down into the valley toward Jude was no exception.

Though he could barely discern their shape Jude was certain of their exquisite beauty. Their radiance reached him and drew his face in ecstasy toward them. The intricate grandeur of Lynwood had seemed dull from the shores of block island, but the joy of experiencing the island now seemed like a single drop alongside the bottomless unraveling sea of joy it was to look upon them. And as he strained they came ever closer. His strong dark eyes soon could discern their unique shapes and the curve of their sweet faces and their light blowing hair. And he gasped and he fell to his knees and looked still closer out over the valley from his high perch. Blood pooled in near his organs and in a few moments his brain released more dopamine and delta waves than in the last three months combined. The came closer and their beauty grew by orders of magnitude and where he first reveled in the experience, soon he became it. On they came, down the hill, now through the vally bottom fen, and up again the near hill, where they paused by a great white rock in the dirt to jump from it to the ground. Jude watched them in ecstasy with every mitochondrial cell and hung on the edge of what he knew now. They left the rock and came on.

But soon, they were to close to see both at once. As their beauty sharpened and magnified soon even Jude's wide lensed eyes couldn't look at them both at once. In ever widening micro movements he jacked his head a degree to the left to see one, then two to the right, then three to the left. To look on one was ecstasy, but it was an even greater torture. To see one and have the other's beauty reflected in magnified splendor in the beauty of the first was an excruciation. His head clocked further and further back and forth as he tried to apprehend the beauty of both together, accelerating his exponential pain. Soon, in the speed of his movements, he cracked on of his high vertebrates and the shock sent his body reeling and his eyes closed.

Lucky to be living, certainly now soon to die, lucky to have reflexively closed his eyes and given himself a moment to reflect. He thought for a few moments and with his eyes still closed he slouched back onto his hip and slid his feet out in front of him. He flexed his feet and felt the familiar vibrant feeling that it was to have legs, a feeling he had always cherished, and he reached into a lotus around his neck. He held the poisonous pit up to his nose and he could only smell the sweet perfume. He popped it right in his mouth, and as the chemicals that concentrate in bulb began shutting down his body he finally opened his raised his lids and looked with his last earthly eyes on the radiance of the sisters Scilla.

There he died. The lotus pit worked its way down into his stomach and met a bacteria that had lived in Jude's stomach since he came out of the earth. The bacteria had once been one thing but now it had sampled whole chunks of Judes chromosomes and it had changed itself to a new species. But when the bacteria encountered the lotus, something mysterious happened. Not only did the midnight lotus change the bacteria, but the bacteria changed the lotus so quickly it was still living before it was unrecognizable. The new bacteria quickly travelled toward the gravitational locus and bled down through the body, decomposing it in moments, down into the rock. It spread through the cracks first and then slowly into the flesh of the rock itself, decalcifying the granite, turning the pale stone to midnight black. The place was ever after known as Black Rock point.

The knew plant lived only by the most indulgent sequence of coincidence. Rapidly transferred it was still alive. Now with its Juno-doom disintegrated it stretched through the brittle skin into the open air. Having sensed its death, and still quite neat it, the plat immediately sporulated, and as it died, just a few moments on, there were 8 sapling plants, all the same rich green that had streaked Jude's eyes, when he still lived.

The rich perfume of the eight little plants was caught up with the wind and rose into the clouds and the spirit of the island became intoxicated with the rich sent. She wanted to bath in the perfume of it. She deemed that the plant was good and she saw that all the rains and mist soon engulfed the young green thing and when it had cleared a dense low thicket of the plant was was creeping outward almost as fast as the eye could see. Already it had traveled down to the beach, and back down the cliff path, and across the road into the grass. And as it traveled it bore beautiful great neps, giant conical green flowerets that breathed fragrance. With the last of there sleepy energy the spirit, smiling down on the plant that was newly in the world, she tilted and aligned the water particle that were light enough to be held in the air and she made a strip of color.

Now nearly home, the sister Scilla suddenly saw a rainbow appear in-front and above them. They looked up over their heads and giggled when they saw that the rainbow led back to where they had come. They turned and skipped up towards the high place, and as they closed it they noticed its unusual dark color. The rainbow ended right where the high rock began to fall away. And they came to the spot and they found the beautiful plant and they smelled its aroma. They took the flowers and they burned it and breather the smoke, to taste the nuance of the new incense. And when they breathed it they changed. Their hands dropped from each other and they stood still a moment. Most notably their pupils darkened and spread, flicked with dark green. And they looked around the world and it was not just merry now but tranquil too, and vibrantly beautiful for the both together. They stood a bit straighter and taller, and their hair shone brilliantly. They each turned back then and greeted each other as women. They turned toward the house, certainly not forgetting a few flowers to share, and hand in hand walked slowly back into town.

The End

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