02 – Don’t count on a normal life

I plodded along the sand, my bare feet cold in the wet sand as I walked close to the water. I could have easily gone to the pool by the mansion by Ocala felt restricted. So we were here at the beach on the Ruttican boarder, my Kanaka splashing to herself beside me, though I felt none of her silvery waves.


I smiled and twirled, happy to be free as the sun set slowly. Ocala chirped Orca-ish-ly, also happy. I sang quietly to myself, a song I had first thought to be sad, due to it’s slow and quiet melody but had recently found to be a beautiful, joyful song.


I looked up suddenly, a louder splash scaring me. I saw the silhouette of a tall male with shaggy dark hair and swimming trunks on. I wandered slowly towards him as he emerged from the cold sea. He flicked his hair from across his face sighing, his eyes closed.


As I drew nearer I realised it was Laith, the only male leader. I smiled and ran towards him. Ocala raced ahead of me, playing joyfully with his Bear Kanaka, Cheeky . Laith grinned at me, usually a little protective of himself but tonight he seemed a little more contented.


“Hello Laithy.” I beamed cheerfully, putting my arm around Laith’s damp waist. He put his arm around my shoulders, not particularly bothered if he got my dress wet, which he did.


“Hey baby girl.” He replied. Laith answered most people he liked like this. But it still made me feel special.


“Had a nice swim?” I asked, poking his belly button teasingly. He laughed, squirming slightly. I started to apologise but he started tickling my sides. I screamed with laughter; I was extremely ticklish.


As usual, I fell to the ground, shaking and rolling around as Laith continued amusing himself, rubbing my waist with his fingertips. I banged my head on the sand and let out a sharp breathe. Laith stopped, concerned for my health.


“Are you ok?” he asked, his eyes searching me quickly. I nodded awkwardly, rubbing my head with my hand, still lying on the sand. I tried to prop myself up with my arm but it slipped. I gave a sharp giggle as I did when hurt. Laith looked calmly at me, now crouched by my side.


“What?” I asked quietly. Laith was usually quite open about his feelings. He opened his mouth a little, leaning a little closer towards me. I lifted my hand and touched his cheek gently. “Laithy, you’re hot.”


Laith gave me a crooked smile and chuckled. “Well it’s like sitting next to the sun itself.”


I whacked his head with my hand. Laith was always joking with me, winding me up. Some days I couldn’t stand him. But some I could only love him. Laith looked at me meaningfully and I noticed his brown eyes were the same shade as Cara’s. How sweet, I thought.


I started to pull myself up, expecting Laith to move away, but he didn’t. His lips brushed mine softly, their wetness teasing mine. I let out a little gasp of surprise and Laith recoiled slightly. It had been too long since I’d kissed a boy. My heart started to beat faster and Laith lips not longer lingered but started to press firmly against mine.


Laith pressed his hand against the back of my neck, pulling me up gently. I was so confused. I wanted to pull away, leave this scene, go back to the comfort of my Cara but I couldn’t just stop. It was so strange and new and completely obscene. I liked it maybe a little too much. I had to stop, for Laith’s sake if anything. I couldn’t let him feel this, not when I had Cara.


I pushed away from him, though his hand on my neck was strong. I looked into his coffee eyes. I opened my mouth, fear in me. “Please. Don’t do this to yourself.”


Laith didn’t move or change expression. I sensed something deep in him. I glanced to the sea, Ocala glaring at Cheeky, Cheeky trying to move closer to Ocala. I looked back at Laith.


“Fudge it.” I murmured and leaned forward, knowing I’d regret this later.


The End

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