The Damasara

The Damasara is the new gang to join the war between the Rutticans and the Doeweins. All their leader Rhiannon wants to do is rule over the two colonies together in peace with justice and fairness.

However, her plans are disterbed by new found romance that just can't be real. Will Rhiannon and her friends last threw the war and make their mark?


 History between the Rutticanians and the Doeweinians ||


They were at war for a number of years, the Rutticanians bright and spiritual, the Doeweinains more vicious and strong. Many were lost and none were created, woman and men fighting together. But one Ruttican had a vision of combining the two empires, bringing their land together and to rule over the new land. Than Ruttican was Rhiannon Zocci, princess of the Ruttican Royal Family. She, along with her long term mate, Cara Coros set up an organisation and Rhiannon dedicated the rest of the war recruiting her guard and improving them.

First to join her was Laury Alahoh and her mate, Lauren Rose Almanac. Laury became one of the leaders alongside Rhiannon, Lauren, who preferred Rose, held close but not allowed to fight, along with Cara. All four women became amazing friends and companions.

Katherine, Kathryn and Rebecka were next to join. Katherine, Katie to everyone, was a weak fighter but Rhiannon sensed something strong in her, adding her to the guard. Kathryn, on the other hand was an amazing fighter once given the chance. Kathryn had always been peace and was very young and had not tested her strength. Rebecka too was strong, specialising in the ancient art of Kartye. Rhiannon wanted them strong on her guard and all accepted.

After a year or so, Rhiannon had developed a skill, which she named The Sight. It enabled her to see into everyone’s minds, what they could be, what they had been and what they are. She looked into Katie’s mind and saw a power too, strong and clear. She then spent her time developing Katie’s mind, teaching it. Katie gained The Touch, the power to hurt someone just by touching them, causing burns that corroded skin like hell and was extremely painful.

Two stray Doeweins accidentally strayed into Rhiannon’s territory, identical twin sisters, both pale and blonde. Rhiannon was tempted to use them to train Katie, letting them be tortured over and over. But when Rhiannon saw into their minds she discovered they had locked abilities too. Alice, the quieter one, had basics for The Future – the ability to look into a person’s future. Rhiannon just had to keep her. Jessika, the younger, fierier twin, possessed The Sense – a physical and mental power that could change the environment’s atmosphere or someone’s state of mind.

Though Rhiannon would have thought them unwilling to stay, they agreed easily. This seemed to anger Cara, Laury and Rose but the other guards strangely warmed to them; maybe because they were all the same now.

So Rhiannon had Cara, Laury, Rose, Katherine, Kathryn, Rebecka, Alice and Jessika. Laury felt they had enough members, enough to take over. Rhiannon agreed.

But it wasn’t until Laith and Francesca turned up, almost at the same time. They were Doeweins, Laith tall and lean and Francesca dark and subtly beautiful. Again, Rhiannon sensed powers in them.

Time went by and Laith proved himself to be a solid leader and joined Rhiannon and Laury. So the guard was made up of Katherine, with her power to burn, Kathryn, with her super strength, Rebecka, also a strong fighter, Alice, with the ability to look into a person’s future, Jessika, the ability to change feelings and Francesca, another strong fighter.

Laith had found to be blessed with the power of The Past, seeing solely into a person’s past. Rhiannon was overcome by the awesomeness of her guards, mate and leaders. It was soon time for them to create a name for themselves.

The Damasara was a popular vote and it was decided. Francesca and Rebecka were made the lead fighters if they ever needed to battle. The Damasara now proceeded to collect followers.

This is where we begin their story.

The End

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