The Dall Document

D. Saltz

After the inquiry with all it's surprises, one being the distribution of over 7 million doses of the serum.  Not only was it distributed, it was sold as an anti flu serum, to private practices, in the U. S. , Europe, Asia, Africa.  I guess in defense of myself I have to say I was blissfully ignorant of this knowledge,  also I had not been aware of the fact that when our patient came back into the hospital, there were thousands of others.  I'm tired, I just want to sleep, been feeling that way since I had my flu shot. 

Anyway, it isn't contagious, it doesn't go airborne, you don't have to worry about bodily fluids, it has to be injected.  I have tried to figure out what went wrong, it was engineered to destruct after it had killed the offending disease. 

My final words.. if you didn't take the new flu shot, you are safe.  As for the rest, they will die, painfully and horribly..  on the next page you will find the breakdown of the serum but, nothing can kill it, or alter it.. I'm sorry, soon I will burn in hell..

The End

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