The Dall Document

D. Saltz

2 mil.. not enough but would have to do.  I dropped the reagent into the dish and covered it.  A ratio of 2 to 1.  I hoped the outcome would be as good as the first. 

All things considered, at first I felt we had done the right thing.  The patient was improving, the serum was working.  We were so happy about the results we chose to ignore what was sitting in our faces, sad to say, it nagged at me..  When I analyzed the blood, all of the Aids virus was gone.  The patient was recovering, no cough, no more melanoma, the lungs were clear.  But there were a couple of black cells.  I did a smear, under the microscope they appeared to be just that, black cells.  They did nothing, they were quiet.  I figured perhaps pieces of the destroyed disease, nothing to worry about.. still the nagging.

D. Saltz

Our patient has been readmitted.. I don't understand he was cured.  When I reached his room I was... the only word I can think of is horrified.  His skin was wet like clay, he bled from his pores,  I reached down to take his pulse but, when I touched the arm, the skin sloughed away.  Taking some of the skin, I headed for the lab.  I did a culture..

The petri dish was alive.  The tiny skin culture had filled the dish.  There were tendrils of black outside the lid.. what had it done eaten it's way through?  I was afraid to pick it up but, I had to see what was going on.. I knew one thing, it had something to do with the black cells.

The End

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