The Dall Document

Now 2020

Sometimes, I wanted to quit.  Just stop and let go.  I remember my mother telling me.. "honey, let go let God"  Most of my colleagues had thrown their hands up in defeat.. the ones that hadn't melted.  Others set about trying to get themselves and their families out of the city which, made no sense.. it was wide spread, worldwide, it had no pattern, it had no rhyme or reason.  You could be a city dweller or, a recluse and still get it.  We could not pin it down to any particular thing and that is what made it so dangerous. 

When we first isolated it, it appeared to be a flu virus, similar to H1N1.. we treated it with antibiotics..  in fact with the serum used in the 2009 epidemic.  We treated the patient within the binds of isolation, as we would for T.B. or, AIDS.  It thanked us by mutating into something that ate the organs, something similar to Ebola.  From onset, it appeared not to have an incubation period, at least, we have never been able to distinguish one.  It was just there, it existed, it killed, without prejudice, without concern towards age, color, creed, gender.. it was the perfect killer.. a perfect weapon, and that thought caused a flash in my mind.  Something I"d read..  I stopped, cold in my thoughts, shivering at the little light that began to shine inside my head...  recognition, it was here..  I stared at the cabinet, the files I meticulously kept in order..  I was obsessive compulsive and it was going to pay off...

The End

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