The Dall Document

Now 2020

Dust particles danced in the air, it was stifling, sticky and uncomfortable.  I shuffled the papers together trying to maintain some kind of order.  My eyes were red and swollen from the microscope.  I fought the feeling of hopelessness everyone else had succumbed to.  Somewhere in the stack of information was something I needed.  I just didn't know what or, where.

Picking up my cup I brought it close to my lips, glancing down, I watched the cockroach crawl over the lip and fall onto the desk.  I didn't touch it,  it deserved to live.  The crawling little creature buoyed my spirits and I started my search anew besides, there had been too much death.

Then 2019

My attention was not focused on the chalk board or, the test strip in front of me instead, I was at the beach, in the park, I was in fact, anywhere but here.  The Prof cleared his throat and I realized he'd addressed a question to me..  "Do you find this theory to be true?"  Couldn't think of a thing to say, certainly nothing witty.  I shrugged and alluded to the fact... I had no idea what theory he referred to. 
Was that a thing with Professors.. making you feel like an idiot..  I was deciding whether or not to confront him when we heard the commotion.  A  security guard, (which I lovingly referred to as Rent-A-Cop) ran in telling us someone was outside with a gun and for us to stay inside, he told the Prof to lock the doors behind him and he disappeared around the corner.  From my seat, I could see out the window, a man ran past, I didn't see a gun but... I saw his face, I saw the open sores, I saw the hanging eye, the lips blue, swollen blood oozing from the corners of his mouth..  patches of his scalp hung from his head.. I screamed, I think..  That was the first we heard about it.  They named it..  Molecular Melt..   and that's what the body did.. it simply melted.

Now 2020

Tears still flowed freely when I think about the beginning, they flow when I think about all the deaths, they flowed when I think about how helpless we are, still..  Back to work.  There was something here, I knew it, I could feel it, I couldn't stop until I found it..  One thing I did know, it only happened to human beings..

The End

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