The Beauty Of Daisies

Meet Clara Thomas.
A normal girl in painfully normal world.
Her life is the same constant routine, every single day of every single week.
Her friends are the same.
Her lessons are the same.
Her feelings are the same.

But then he arrived...

Daisies are beautiful, aren't they? Their smooth, snowy petals and their striking yellow middle.

I stared aimlessly out of the window I was sat next to. Millions of delicate daisies shrouded the dull green of the school field, making it look somewhat majestic. Escaping into a mass of daisies looked fun. Much more fun than maths class anyway.

A soft prodding came to my arm rather suddenly, and to my disgust, I felt myself being dragged back (kicking and screaming, if I might add) to reality.

"Hey, Clara! Hey, hey, Clara! Hey! Hey, Clara,"

A boy's boring drone of a voice sounded in my ears. I turned sharply, slapping his hand away from my arm. It was Jay.

"What do you want?" I said, annoyed.

"Ow! What was that for!? I didn't do anything wrong! Hm? Did I!?"

Great. He ignored me.

"What do you want?" I repeated, scowling harshly at him.

His ears pricked up like he'd actually heard me.

"What are you doing staring out the window like that, Clara? I bet you any money, you can't do that sum on the board, can you?" A devious smile flew onto his face.

I decided to ignore him back. I was fully aware that I couldn't do said sum, but I didn't really care. Maths wasn't my strong point anyway.

A cool breeze drifted into the stuffy classroom from the ajar window above my head. Jay's dark brown curls swayed as it passed. His thin eyebrows furrowed, a focused expression crossed his face and his black eyes closed as if he was thinking. It's true that Jay was in the highest set, but he was dim-witted in everything else other than maths.

Suddenly, everyone started getting up and packing their things. The bell must've gone. I looked to my left as I got up. Jay had dashed off already, obviously. I was the only one left in the room. Even the teacher had gone.

I pushed my chair under the desk and swung my bag onto my shoulder. My eyes drifted back out the window to the field. The daisies were flung into a whirl as a gust of wind blew fiercely across it. The intensity of their beauty was un-nerving.

Why couldn't I be more like a daisy?

The End

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